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Ethics and Celebrity

Moral Dilemma

Katie Lovering

on 22 April 2010

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Transcript of Ethics and Celebrity

Case Study Emma is a PR practitioner for a major league baseball team. She travels with the team during series games, and handles all press related to the players. Emma knows that her star pitcher, who is married, tends to go out and parties while on the road. He has even asked her in the past to allow his different mistresses access to the locker room. After many months of this behavior the player comes to Emma and informs her that a story about his extra marital affairs is going to be appearing in the New York Post. A reporter from the Post calls Emma to confirm the story and to provide any more detail.

Contractually Emma is not allowed to say anything, but ethically she feels that his wife should know the truth. In the end if she tells what she knows she could be breaking apart a family, and hurting a players career. Loyalty Theory Lawrence Kohlberg Stages of Moral Development
Pre Conventional
Conventional Morality
Post Conventional Justice Based Ethics Universal Rules
Virtue Ethics
Min. the harm Egoism Examples
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