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TMA 150

Victoria Thomas

on 27 February 2013

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Transcript of TITLE IX

Andrew Valmon Saga + Olympic Gold medalist
+ coached track and field in London Olympics
-Collegiate team (UMD: University of Maryland) failed to resume for 2012-13 school year
++ Budget pressure caused team cut
-Fundraising needs to cover cost of BOTH Men's T&F and Women's Tumbling/Cheer
**Why? Because of Title IX's "proportional sport representation between the genders** by Dustin Skousen, Jordan Henstrom, Tori Thomas, and Rachel DuPaix TITLE IX
Controversy Opportunities Available Women's athletics have opened a realm of low-cost or free education because of scholarships and aids available to female athletes; they are also able to excel in sports they love. Women's Golf, for Instance... 2010: 217 D-I, 90 D-II colleges offering scholarships to female golfing athletes
-2009: NCAA estimates 200 of the 1,800 scholarships went unused
*Male golfers have more competition for scholarships because NOT AS MANY GIRLS PARTICIPATE IN ATHLETICS PER SPORT
--Title IX is promotes inequality in sports Title IX: ORIGINS -Education Amendments of 1972: Public Law No. 92-318, 86 Stat. 235
-Codified at 20 U.S.C sections 1681-1688
*signed into law June 23, 1972*
-Based off of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 (impetus for women's rights)
-affects high school and collegiate athletics Introduction to United States' Politics Implications and Effects -Doors were opened for women which never existed before
-Men's athletics were severely cut into by the change
**Collegiate level = most affected**
-40 years later, men's wrestling programs were reduced from 600 to 225
--3,500 wrestlers in Utah, yet only one collegiate program (UVU) Funding Issues Basically, football programs fund all other sports and contribute the most revenue for college athletic programs.

What would life (and athletics) be like without Title IX? The REAL Funding: What to do about
the imbalance of
funding from
different programs,
as well as the
political kickback
from feminists? Senator Birch Bayh (IN) -Protests stereotype of "weaker sex"
-Reason for women gaining a college education = MRS degree? Men's football is keeping all other programs afloat for colleges THE REAL
PROBLEM... Ouch, Title IX “It is generally true that football, and sometimes men’s basketball, subsidizes a (sometimes large) portion of the expenses for other teams. It doesn’t matter if we’re looking at a team from Conference USA or the SEC.” -Kristi Dosh, Forbes Contributor SOLUTION -Title IX provides many benefits to both genders and a multitude of athletic activities for young people.
++Let's keep it, but change it a bit: REMOVE FOOTBALL from the pool of high school and collegiate sports mentioned
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