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Asia's premier resource for locating, tracking and securing

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karolina trofiniak

on 18 September 2013

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Transcript of Asia's premier resource for locating, tracking and securing

Asia's premier resource for locating, tracking and securing projects, partners and resources.
is an international capacity building NGO based in Manila, the Philippines, with additional offices in India, Vietnam and Indonesia.
started over ten years ago and has since then grown into a successful international NGO with over 40 staff members, that has implemented over 30 projects in Asia and Africa.

gives AsianNGO the right background, structure, and expertise to guarantee its quality and sustainability.

In partnership with:
Thank you for your time!
Asia`s premier source of information for NGOs
Grants and Funding

Learning assets,
knowledge resources
and best practices

Asia`s premier source of information for NGOs
Asia`s premier source of information for NGOs

Partner organizations
and project partners

News, events
and policy updates

Greatest access to new and live grants and funding in Asia

Over 100 funding sources in place, with new ones being added every week
Average of 10 new grants added per day
Searchable by country, category and source
Alerts you of new relevant funds appropriate for you
Fully searchable list of NGOs, non-profits, CSRs, multilaterals

60,000+ NGOs across the region listed by country, expertise and area of interest
10,000+ private companies already in place and growing every day
Connect with potential project partners
List your own company and highlight for better networking

Essential resources to help you manage and grow your NGO
1,500++ relevant documents and links
Sorted by theme and category for easy browsing
Publications, journals, studies
Essential NGO management tools for fundraising, case studies, surveys, etc.
E-learning and original contents

Reach decision makers and stakeholders in the development sector

Leverages innovation and scale of its technology, analytics and distribution
Provides unrivaled coverage; drives deeper engagement with decision-makers
Non-profit sector business leaders turn to AsianNGO for grant opportunities, new partnerships and analyses that help them and their organizations

Web Portal (Updated Daily)
Daily updates of grants, events, news updates and learning tools
Customized alerts according to your needs, interests and preferences
Subscribers receive full access to all features and database
Unique visits: 30,000/month
Average visits: 120,000/month

Weekly e-Newsletter

Circulation: 30,000 Subscription
Frequency: 50 issues annually
Total reach: 90,000 over the year
Weekly roundup of grants, news and events updates collated from the portal
Built-in feature for web subscribers

Bi-Monthly Magazine

Circulation: 10,000 Subscription
Pass-on readership: x3
Distribution: Pan-Asia, ASSIST domains
Features grants, news and policy updates with in-depth analyses
Provides discussions on relevant, non-time-bound issues of development


Regular Sections

Featured Grants, Events and Projects
Featured Organisations (NGOs, etc.)
CSR Corner, PPP Initiatives
Country Feature
Across Asia (and Country Round-Up’s)
Guest Writer, Exclusive Interview
Calendar of Events, Grants Listing
Learning Resources

ASEAN Corporate Sustainability (Manila), April 2013

Solutions Market - ADB Annual Meeting (New Delhi), May 2013

Food Revolution Day - GO Asia (Seoul), May 2013

Global Conference on Sustainability in Reporting (Amsterdam), May 2013

Global Training on Development Effectiveness (Johannesburg), June 2013

Resiliency Forum Asia 2013 (Manila), August 2013

CSR Summit (Bangkok), September 2013

CSR Expo (Singapore), September 2013

Green Leaders Summit (Sydney), September 2013

Habitat for Humanity Housing Forum (Manila), October 2013

AIDF Food Security: Asia 2013 (Bangkok), November 2013

Grant and Cooperative Agreement Course for USAID NGOs in Asia (Manila), November 2013

World CSR Congress (Mumbai), February 2014

The 4th Low Carbon Earth Summit 2014 (Nanjing), September 2014

Enables partner NGOs by providing them subscription to the AsianNGO platform
Gives them access to the list of grants, learning tools, events and policy updates in the development sectors in the region
Helps NGOs increase impact in their works
Enable NGOs to gather more funding, reach new partners and secure learning tools and resources

How does it work?

Example mechanics:
10 subscriptions for 10 NGOs, for the price of 7 subscriptions
5 subscriptions for 5 NGOs, for the price of 4 subscriptions

Asian Development Media
21B Kwong Fat Hong Bldg.
1 Ramsey St., Central
Hong Kong, SAR
Tel No. : +852 2877 8662
Fax No. : +852 2877 8299

5/F A&V Crystal Tower,
105 Esteban St, Legaspi Village,
Makati City 1229, Philippines
Tel No: +63 2 403 8668
Fax No: +63 2 403 8358

Reach Us


Saves you time
and helps you
raise funds to
achieve your
project goals.

Easily and efficiently
connects you with
relevant organisations
and executives.

Helps you succeed,
be more productive
and manage your
NGO better.
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