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Michael Anderson

No description

Mr. Parke

on 2 March 2016

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Transcript of Michael Anderson

Michael Anderson
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His full name is Fredrick Douglas Patterson. He was born on 1871. His parents were Nancy and Charles Patterson. He died on 1932.
Named after abolitionst Fredrick Douglas Patterson. He had four brothers and sisters and he was the youngest of the four. Their father was an ex-slave who escaped through Greenfield, Ohio.
C R Patterson
Early Life
Middle Life
He withdrew from his collage and took the job as a high school histoy teacher. His job was in Louisville kentucky. His father died in 1910 so C R Patterson took over his job. He started making the first model of the Patterson-Greenfield car. He sold about 150 models but he was having difficulty financing so he switched his buisness to building bodys for trucks.
Later life
You found a secret
Known For
Greenfield-Patterson Automobile of 1915. It was built in Ohio. But he changed his buisness to Greenfield Bus Body Company.
Charles graduated from his high school Old Greenfield High School in 1888.
Many years later. he got the
job for the town blacksmith.
Some time after that he married Josephine Utz
a young white woman.
C R Patterson died on 1932. His legacy in the car industry will live on with him forever!
End Life
He built big buisness relation ships and in trust with many school districts, they were usual customers. The crash and great depression hadbig effects on his company. MAny companys cut thier orders.
C R Patterson
The End
Thank you for Watching my Prezi
I hope you enjoyed! ^_^
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