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The Amazing Race

By Peyton and Swetha

Swetha G.

on 10 September 2012

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Transcript of The Amazing Race

Around Europe in 13 days The Amazing Race Start: London, England Copenhagen, Denmark
500 miles, Kayak Warsaw, Poland
350 miles Kayak 950 miles traveled Day 1 Krakow, Poland
100 miles Hike
850 miles traveled Bratislava, Slovakia
200 miles hike Prague, Czech Republic
200 miles hike Vienna, Austria
175 miles hike Lubigana, Slovenia
200 miles hike Physical Features passed Alps Carpathian Mountins Physical Features passed North Sea
Baltic Sea Wow can't belive a human can
actually hike that long Tirana, Albania
375 miles Hike 900 Miles taveled Day 3 Valeenten, Malta
550 miles Kayak

Rome, Italy
400 miles Kayak 950 miles Traveled Day 4 When will it be over ! :( Bern, Switzerland
425 miles Hike
Berlin, Germany
475 miles Hike
Hambourg, Germany
100 miles Hike
LAYOVER! 1000 miles traveled Day 5 Amsterdam, Netherlands
200 miles Hike
Brusulles, Belguim
100 miles hike
100 miles hike
Paris, France
200 miles hike
400 miles hike 1000 miles traveled Day 6 Madrid, Spain
600 miles hike
Libson, Portagul
300 miles hike 900 miles traveled Day 7 Dublin Ireland
1000 miles kayak 1000 miles traveled Day 8 Reyjvaik, Iceland
900 miles kayak 900 miles traveled Day 9 Osio Norway
1000 miles taveled
kayak 1000 miles traveled Day 10 Stockholm, Sweden
250 miles hike
Helsinkir, Finland
250 miles hike
Tallinn, Estonia
50 miles kayak
Uilnius, Lithuana
300 miles hike
Minsk, Bellarus
100 miles hike Day 11 Moscow, Russia
400 miles hike
Klev, Ukraine
500 miles hike
Vinstya, Ukraine
LAYOVER! 1000 miles traveled Day 12 Bucherast, Romania
350 miles Hike
Budpest, Hungary
400 miles hike Day 13 | | ) . The Journey is over.....
Finally !
That's all! { I'm tired already and we just started} Sofia, Bulgaria
200 miles Hike
Athens, Greece
325 miles hike Physical Features

Dineric Alps Physical features Mediterrainian
Sea Physical Features
Alps Physical Features

English Channel

Rivers Physical Features Tagus river Pyrenees Mountins Physical features Bay of Biscay
English channel
Atlantic ocean Physical Features Norwigean sea
Atlantic sea Cute otters right? saw them on the coast Physical features Norwigean Sea 950 miles traveled Physical Features Baltic Sea Physical features Ural Mountins
Rivers 750 miles traveled DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Physical Features Dineric Alps
Danube River
Carpathian Mountins
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