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Depictions of Society

No description

Grace Montgomery

on 21 December 2016

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Transcript of Depictions of Society

Depictions of Society
Culture and Values
Social Movements
Social movements usually consists of people coming together to make a dramatic change in society, be it political or social.
A way to think about socialization is the way a human develops in the way they interact with other people. The socialization process includes things like family, school, mass media, and school.
Status and Roles
One's status describes a position in a particular setting. A role is the set of norms, values, behaviors, and personality traits attached to a status. For example, with the status "doctor" comes with roles such as performing surgery.
Deviance is departing from usual or accepted standards. Deviant behavior can be positive or negative; it depends on one's perspective. The yellow lady bug is considered deviant since the norm is red. "Sex, Drugs, and Rock & Roll" is a popular expression depicting a deviant lifestyle.
Socialization is simply the way in which we become human social beings. For example, the way in which we are raised depicts how we socialize later in life as depicted in the picture.
By Grace Montgomery
Examples of culture and values in sociological terms include food, fashion, and colloquial expressions. Pictured above are examples of colloquial expressions and food associated with Louisiana.
A social movement is a type of group action that brings about change. Pictured above is a snapshot of a well-known social movement that dates back to the 70s: Woodstock.
Conformity is behavior in accordance with socially accepted conventions or standards. Pictured are processes of conformity.
determines their
Race and Ethnicity
Race refers to the physical appearances that groups consider socially significant. Ethnicity is shared culture, such as languages and practices. Pictured are two examples of skin color, which depicts race in our society.
Someone's race, in our society, determines a lot of one's roles and place in society. A lot of these roles, however, depending on the race, are demeaning and carry harsh and negative stereotypes. Pictured is an example of segregation, which is separation according to race.
Adolescence and Society
Adolescence refers to the youth in society. The youth have a huge impact on society- Raising youth is the same as raising a new society.
Crime and Society
Remember earlier when I said deviance can be a positive or negative? Crime is negative deviance. Crime is defined as any act that violates criminal law. The relationship between crime and society is easy to see- crime impacts the way some people in society interact with each other.
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