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No description

C Kraus

on 23 April 2013

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Transcript of Psych

Psych Chief Vick Head of Santa Barbra Police Department She's a mother And a vicious raccoon Characters of Psych Shawn Spencer Shawn Spencer He's layed back A psychic But not a real one Gus Gus He's a pharmaceutical sales representative A bit stressed And apparently a bear trainer Lassie Lassie He's obsessed with historic wars A major downer And an epic mad man Jewels Jewels Jewels is a cop A worrier And a hopeless romantic Henry Henry He's a retired cop A dad to a hopeless mess and phoney psychic An old man but still a ladies man The End Places like the psych web page and store, are pretty cool places to check out This is the Psych's home web page:
http://www.usanetwork.com/series/psych/ And this is the Psych store:
http://www.nbcuniversalstore.com/psych/index.php?v=usa_psych Chief Vick Lassie Gus Henery Chief Karen Vick Shawn Spencer Jewels These are some clips of Psych, they are my favorite ones! Who? What? Psych is an american detective comedy drama, written by Steve Franks, and is broadcast on USA Network When? Psychs first debut was July 7, 2006 Where? Psych is based in Santa-Barbra, California, mainly taking place in either the Psych office, the SBPD, Henry's house, or out solving the case that Shawn, and Gus weren't given. This is Steve Franks writer of Psych Shawn and the person he arrested from the 1st episode Santa Barbra Police Department {SBPD} ρѕρѕун
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