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International Urology Journal Club on Twitter

Presentation at the 2014 Societe Internationale Urologie (SIU) conference in Glasgow October 2014

Henry Woo

on 15 October 2014

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Transcript of International Urology Journal Club on Twitter

Sir James Potts - earliest suggestions of journal club meetings taking place mid 1800's
History of Journal Clubs
Grew out of a IRL (in real life) journal club in Dept of Urology at Queens University in October 2012

Michael Leveridge began tweeting content
- drew attention of international audience of urologists

Subsequent discussion amongst those on twitter at that time endorsed the establishment of a Twitter based journal club
How this came into being?
- global multidisciplinary engagement
- thought and commentary development over 48hrs
- direct input from study authors
- any time, any place, any device
- equality of social media participants

- inability to express a point in 140 characters
- formal sequenced critical appraisal challenging
- high profile authors/academics 'intimidate' comment
- potential for spam
Advantages/Disadvantages Over Conventional Journal Clubs
Manuscript for discussion decided upon
- crowdsourcing
- submissions by email, twitter (public and DM)

First Monday 0700 AEST each month

Discussion in the form of 140 character tweets
- asynchronous over 48 hours
- global audience/participants
- tweets to include hashtag

Discussion moderated by @iurojc account
- housekeeping messages
- questions to stimulate discussion

How the Journal Club functions
International Urology Journal Club on Twitter
Henry Woo
Associate Professor of Surgery
University of Sydney

Opportunity to discuss cutting edge research with colleagues on a global scale

Lead or corresponding authors participation

Negotiated time limited open access for most manuscripts

Ability to participate any time, any place and on any device during 48 hour window

Best Tweet prizes awarded each month

Summaries published on BJUI Blogs.

What have been the keys to success
Evaluation of CME Value of a Journal Club
The Way Forward
Sir William Osler established first formal journal club at McGill University in 1875
Popularity surged from the 1950's/1960's
First attempt using social media in 2008
- conceived by allergist Dr Ves Dimov
- extension of face to face JC meeting
History of Journal Clubs
First regular journal club based totally on social media commenced in 2011
- fixed time format
Search hashtag #urojc to see discussion
Examples of Other Journal Clubs on Twitter
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