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Content Re-design Project

No description

Prezi David Hooker

on 5 December 2018

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Transcript of Content Re-design Project

Making better use of Prezi content
Content Re-design Project
We have a WEALTH of content
150+ articles
Who do we need?
Content Manager
What we need to build?
Back end CMS to store all the content
Content we don't have...yet
Benefits / Objectives
More users see relevant engaging content that motivates them to use Prezi
The Issues
The explore page is not inspiring users to signup or providing them insight into a great prezi.
Some known facts
The most powerful content from Learn:
1) Articles
2) Videos
3) GetSat forum
4) Tutorials

Spring 2014
The self help experience is not an intelligent one that gets the right content in front of the right users.
We have a wealth of material, including customer testimonials and use-case oriented tips that we believe can motivate users, but there's no where to put it.
Far more powerful than opening a help request. Almost as good as chat
"Powerful" means gets you to A4
more than
(for the Learn & Support page it's almost

as many)
We are able to see the searched terms on Learn &
Support / Template Chooser / Explore
and we will soon be able to segment by License Type and New User (registered in the last 48 hours)
32 videos (69% retention rate)
11 Tutorials (Prezis that teach Prezi)
Millions of Prezis
A beautiful intuitive delivery system for all the content that helps users learn prezi
These are PROVEN to work with more holistic concepts.
I have numbers!
Customer testimonials
Videos homepage
Tutorials homepage
Integrate user cards
Better support page
Fix the explore page
Provisional team in place to curate content
David & Edward
Callie of course will be kept in the loop as website manager
We have customer's with testimonials and use cases ready to go
Users that start using Prezi get content that helps them make better Prezis
Sign ups / Visits to & time spent in the editor
Technical Improvements to Explore Page
will require developmental resources
Tour Page
Page layout
Key features and story
(needs refining)
Basic Material has been collected. Still need more tips.
See Prezi for basics
Use-case based tips for using Prezi and being a better Public Speaker
(maybe later)
Andras B, Mark
maybe Balazs Szele
+website team for Tour page?
Desktop team are ready to implement this into their onboarding for Native App release in October.
User cards were tested with paying non EDU users and got open rates around 43%
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