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No description

Charles Herndon

on 25 March 2014

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Transcript of Magician

Picture Of My Job
Magicians perform tricks and illusions that entertain and astonish people of all ages.A successful magician is a skilled performer who captures the attention of the audience with his personality and confidence, in addition to his amazing tricks.
Job Description
David Blaine, one of the world's most famous modern magicians.
Whether they make objects appear, disappear, or transform, magicians must practice every day to perfect their tricks.Behind the scenes, magicians perform less glamorous tasks such as business accounting and scheduling.Nearly all magicians are self-employed and rely on marketing and word of mouth to find gigs.

Job Description Cont.
Salary range, 30K to 50K
Magicians perform illusions and tricks for people and there are different varying degrees of magicians. The average salary for a magician is roughly, $49,518 but it can vary on many factors. This salary is for full time magicians and those who are professionally trained.
Magician Clip-Art
By: Talon McNeese, Mr Herndon, Career Portals, 3/24/14
Chris Angel, is also a famous modern magician.
Every professional magician is an amateur first. Most magicians take up magic as a hobby when they are very young, learning tricks from books and from other magicians. There are shelves of books on magic tricks at libraries and bookstores, and there are videos and websites you can start learning from as well.
Other Suggested Qualifications
You’ll need some athletic ability.

Business and organizational skills are also important, as magicians have to do their own accounting and manage their own schedules.
Educational Requirements
Skills Needed
Henry Houdini, is perhaps the most famous magician of our time, and perhaps of all time.
Magicians usually perform at nightclubs, restaurants, theaters or in street performances.The magician will usually have some training in the field of illusion and slight of hand tricks. Magicians typically work evenings and weekends at a variety of locales.The magician nearly always performs with well-trained assistants who assist him in his performance.
Art interpretation of Modern Magic


Bibliography & 15 Pictures
Magicians Use coins, cards, and other props to perform tricks.

Illusionists make objects “appear” and “disappear”.

Mentalists use psychology and the power of suggestion to “read minds”.

Set up and pack up magic equipment.

Promote the act, and find and book clients.
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