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Superhero Rules of the Library

The rules of the media center.

Michelle Harclerode

on 5 August 2014

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Transcript of Superhero Rules of the Library

Yell in the playground.
Seven Easy Rules
Pix by Maria and Trebol
So learn the rules
Whisper in the media center.
Drop In
Come in the
& use the return bin.
Don't put the books you are
returning on the shelf
- the shelf is OUT the
return bin is IN!
Remember the IN and OUT door
The Media Center
rule 2
rule 1
rule 3
NO running
NO jumping
NO swimming
NO flying
it's a safety rule.
In the media center you must -
Mark and Park
rule 4
Hands and Feet
rule 5
Keep them to yourself
in class or in line, good
manners all the time.
Super Library is ...
Then park in the check out chairs.
Did you remember your library card?
I am the Library Lady
Mrs. H is in charge.
also known as Mrs. Harclerode, Diplomat's Media Specialist
Hi let me see your card. Great you have a 3 book check out.
You forgot to return your book .
You forgot your library card.
OK we can save this new book you want.
Just bring back your book and get your library card.
Raise your hand
not your feet.
rule 6
Saying please
and thank you
would be sweet.
if you see a sign saying sorry MEDIA is ClOSED
it is because
I am not there.
It could be
my lunch.
Best Friends
rule 7
Treat your book like your best friend.
Nobody loves me.
And know how to
take care of their books.
To activate your super reading powers learn the -
In the Metropolis of Media
On Planet Diplomat
Teacher I am raising my paw.
That was a tweet story!
The End!
Wow that library has lots of good books!
This is the return bin.
I need a book NOW!
I love books!
Yeah this book is brand new!
Photo by Creativity Timothy K Hamilton
Photo by Rocketeer
Photo by Mirsasha
Photo by Bucknam
Photo by Gexdaf
Photo by Spoiltcat
Photo by happyshooter
Super Readers To The Library
Barrie http://flic.kr/p/3ByyjS
Some call it the Media Center
Super Readers Unite!
Who is in charge of this world?
Can dogs Read?
They can if they are
Adam Evans http://flic.kr/p/8WCvFg
What is wrong in this picture?
Give Me Five
5 - 4 - 3 - 2 - 1
Super Reading Ahead!
Ashley Rose http://flic.kr/p/5mSURj
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