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Our Business Plan

Children Center

Christina V

on 22 May 2013

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Transcript of Our Business Plan

SunShine Academy Executive Summary Mission Statement Product Our ChildCare Center invites children from the ages of three
to ten years old. We will nurture each child's imagination
and motivate their individual creativity. We will also teach
each child cognitive and social skills, inside and out of
school. Our business will greatly succeed in selling due to the need of assistance
of watching children for working parents and including our transportation system.
Parents benefit from our business because their children will be gaining
education and the help they need with homework. The charge for each week
would be $250 per child. Our market size will expand around different places,
making more profits and investing into imrovements on our business. Our targeted
customers includes people of any age, ethnicity, and living enviroment. The purpose of our business is to provide
childcare for kids with working parents. We will
nurture the child's imagination and motivate their
individual creativity. We will teach the kids cognitive and
social skills while also preparing them for school. Founder Secretary Assistant Teachers Nurse Our Secretary will provide all the children's information on medical reports, parent's numbers, and any other information we need to know. Three of our assistant teachers will be helping the kids from 3-5 years old get through their daily schedules. The other three teachers will be helping the kids from 6-10 years old with homework to help them understand their work better. The nurse will provide bandages, ice packets, and any other medical items needed for other injuries that may happen throughout the day. The nurse will keep record on any injury the child recieved, what time the injury happened and how. -Christina CoFounder -Victoria

Advertising is a key in making our business successfull. We plan on using flyers, they will be distributed around local schools
and nieghborhoods. We also plan on posting our information on bulletin boards that are available to people. Our Child Care Center will be shown in ads on the internet with our own produced website. Lastly, we would tell our family, friends, and nieghbors about our center to encourage word of mouth advertising. Financing Plan To start our Child Care Center business, we would need a building to set up
everything for the children. We would lease out a building in a good
enviroment and pay rent for about $3,000 a month. $250 a week per child $300 Air Conditioning a month $1,000 School supplies a month $1,000 Food $10 an hour for pay wage $300 a month for facilities To begin our business, we would need approximately $6,000. Our income coming in would be about $6,000 in order for it to break even.
The kids 3-5 will be on a schedule consisting of breakfast,
playtime, arts and crafs, lunch and snacks, nap time, and
learning time. The kids 6-10 will be picked up from their
school and be brought to the child center. They will have
homework time after school, they will be provided help on
homework if they need it. Our business is unique because
it will act as a provisional school, giving an extra boast in education. We intend to help parents by providing child care for their kids. Our center invites kids from the ages of 3-10 years old from the hours of 6am-6pm. The kids will be separated by two different age groups. As a beginning business this will be the first daycare with possible future sites based on the profitability of this location. We are trying to attract working parents who need their children to be cared for. We also aim for parents who would like their children to express social skills. In the beginning, our business is looking to share a quarter of the market place. As business grows our market share should increase to thirty percent. The Child Care Center will be based on a quarterly basis. Our plan is to increase by five percent each quarter. A quarter
will consist of three months, totaling up to twelve months. The plan for the first year of our business is to rank 3rd in our market place succeded by Children's World and Kinder Care.
For our Child Care Center, we plan on selling our service based
on advertising as explained in the market category. Our service will be
made available to any and all parents requesting our service. We will offer
our service for sale through advertising in multiple ways.
Our competition is the well known Children's World and Kinder Care centers. We feel that we have an opportunity to share in the market place due to the expanding nieghborhoods and the need of additional children services. We plan on joining the competition by providing a nurturing atmosphere, rich in quality care and individualized attention. We will encourage children to grow at different stages of learning and socializing beyond the boundaries of their home place. Market Distribution and Sales Plans Market Strategy Postioning Our child center is unique because we take care of children who are in school and children that are not yet in school. The child center would act as a provisional school, giving an extra boost in education.
To fulfill the customers needs, Sunshine Academy includes education consisting of math, art, and literature. Transportation is available for children who are in school.
We would want people to view our business as an improved way of child care, we don't just take care of the kids, we teach them as well. Our child center looks at target customers with care. The characteristics of the people we want to sell to would be families, neighbors, friends, and other interested in or center. We except people of any age, ethnicity, and living environment. We are aiming towards respectable customers who understand our business motive. The customers cost and quality thoughts will have to rely on both quality and cost because the quality of our business is successful with the cost of $250 per week. Parents have to understand the quality and the things we provide in order to understand the cost. The concerns parents may have include:

What we are teaching the kids
How we are teaching them
What they are eating
What they are doing inside and outside
How their child's behavior is towards the environment and other kids Target Customer Competition By
Christina Voeltz
Victoria Olmos Child Care Center Orginizational Structure
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