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Radiographer Clinical Reporting

No description

Nick Woznitza

on 24 May 2014

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Transcript of Radiographer Clinical Reporting

Radiographer Clinical Reporting
Uniting Theme?
Evidence Base
Nick Woznitza
Reporting Radiographer - Homerton University Hospital
PhD Student - Canterbury Christ Church University
1 - Swinburne Lancet 1971;7699:589-90
2 - Berman et al Brit Med J 1985;290:421-2
3 - College of Radiographers 2013
Evidence Base
Positive Impact
Evidence Base
Extending the Scope
"Newly qualified radiographers ... to participate in preliminary clinical evaluation”
Patient focused care is fundamental
1 - Sheft et al Am J Radiol
2 - Sonnex et al Brit J Radiol 2001;74:230-3
3 - Piper et al Radiography 2014
4 - Woznitza et al Radiography 2014
Team Working
1 - Piper K et al 1999 NHS Excutive
2 - Piper at al Radiography 2005;11:27-34
3 - Brealey et al Clin Rad 2005;60:232-41
1 - Nightingale & Hogg Radiol Technol 2007;78:284-90 2 - Sumkin et al Am J Roteon 2003;180:253-6
3 - Brealey et al Eur Radiol 2013;82:597-605 4 - Meertens et al Clin Radiol 68:177-90
College of Radiographers 2013
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