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Preamble and the 6 Goals of the Constitution

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Ashly Holcomb

on 6 December 2013

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Transcript of Preamble and the 6 Goals of the Constitution

Preamble and the 6 Goals of the Constitution
The Preamble is an introduction that explains why the U.S. constitution was written.
Goal 1

Form a more perfect union.

The new government should be
a better union of states than
the union created under the
Articles of Confederation.

Goal 2
Establish justice.

The government should make
laws and establish a system
of courts that is fair to all.
There are six goals in the preamble.
These goals reflect the belief that the
U.S.government should serve its
citizens.They remain the goals of the
country today.
Goal 3
Insure domestic tranquility

The government should
preserve peace within the country.
Goal 4
Provide for the common
The government should work
to protect the country from
its enemies.
Goal 5
Promote the general
The government should help provide
for the well-being of all people.
Goal 6
Secure the blessings of
The government should
work to safeguard the
freedom of the people.
Working with your shoulder partner you will create a graphic organizer.
The 3 column organizer will include all 6 goals, an illustration, and a rank.
If time allows you and your partner will present their rankings and drawings.
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