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Teachers and Popular Culture

No description

Aaron Speed-Johnson

on 19 May 2014

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Transcript of Teachers and Popular Culture

Introduction to Popular Culture
Background Information
Overview of the Whole Show
Background Information on the episode
Clip 1-"Class Wars"
Clip 2-"Apartheid"
Clip 3- "Hidden Talents"
Life worlds
uncomfortable learning environment
losing the rapport between student and teacher.
Background to Bad Education
British Sitcom (BBC/Tigeraspect)
2 Seasons (2012-2013)
Upcoming American adaptation
Director: Jack Whitehall and Freddy Sybron

Positive review: 8/10

Immature & irresponsible
a lot in common with his pupils
Classic fierce headmaster
Pop culture taps into the reality of bad educators in society and the need for change
EDUF1018 Group Presentation
Teachers and Popular Culture
“We may be too easily tempted to regard them as humorous images that have nothing to do with us or with the reality of schooling”
(Mitchell, 1995 pg. 172)
Life worlds
"She's Chinese, you muppet!"
Clip 2 - Apartheid
Clip 1 - "Class Wars"
Learning Environment
Clip 3 - "Hidden Talents"
Hidden Talents
Hidden Talents
"Hidden Talents"
Learning Environment
Popular Culture
“Popular culture is not purely unreflective or superficial – it contains avant garde elements, provocative ideas, even models for self-critique”
(Mitchell, 1995)
A Class act: Jack Whitehall's new BBC3 sitcom

Bad Education has lured some top comedy talent
(2012, August) The independent UK. Retrieved from http://www.independent.co.uk/arts-entertainment/tv/features/a-class-act-jack-whitehalls-new-bbc3-sitcom-bad-education-has-lured-some-top-comedy-talent-7999321.html

Bad Education produced bad TV
(2012, August) The Guardian. Retrieved from http://

Ewing, R. (2013).
Inequity of educational opportunity: A never-ending story. Curriculum and
assessment: Storylines
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Literacies and learners : current perspectives (3rd ed) Frenchs Forest, N.S.W.: Pearson Education Australia.

Hayes, D. (2013).
Young people and schoo
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Hayes, D., Mills, M., Christie, P. and Lingard, B. (2006) 2
Productive pedagogies, in Teachers and
schooling making a difference: Productive Pedagogies, Assessment and Performance
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'I'd appear in Corrie and Strictly for my mum':
Jack Whitehall on new sitcom Bad Education and
what's next
(2012, August) Mirror UK. Retrieved from http://www.mirror.co.uk/tv/tv-news/jack-whitehall-on-new-sitcom-bad-1259622#ixzz31NaALjzS

Mitchell, C., & Weber, S. (1999). '
Reel to real: Popular culture and teacher identity
'. Philadelphia,
PA : Falmer Press.

Scanlon, L. (2008)
How real is reel? Teachers on screen and in the classroom. Australian Review of
Public Affairs
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State of NSW Department of Education and Training (NSWDET) (2003).
Quality teaching in
NSW public schools
. Sydney: NSWDET.

classroom is a complex environment
different ethnicity
multiculturalism in today's global community
“Teaching specific topics or skills without making clear their context in the broader fundamental structure … is uneconomical” (Bruner, 1960)

"Classrooms must connect with the real world in which children live their lives. ...Learning is best facilitated when the learner sees the purpose for the learning" (Green, 2006)
Interactive learning environment
engaging & simulate empathy
lacks cultural awareness
misleading in handling of students
realistic portrayal - teachers are not all- knowledgeable
provides insight about on different teaching methods
Teacher Worthy!
interactive and discussion-like activities
questions how appropriate and effective these practices are
how we can implement them into our own classroom as future teachers?
"Hidden Talents"
danger lies within the accessibility of popular images

develops like a piece of information passed through Chinese-whispers
they are simplified and romanticised.
For professional development however, Bruner (1960) recommends, it is done alongside professional texts.
“mean teachers are meaner, the kind ones are kinder, the brave ones are braver and the inept even more so.” (Mitchell, 1995)
illuminates and challenges the importance and responsibility of the teacher’s work
this clip challenges the current conventions of education - ‘talent’ = academia
students are all talented in their own way-
"funds of Knowledge"
(Hayes, p.133)
"Teacher heroes liberate students by defying the official school rules" (Mitchell, 1999, pg 183)
there’s more to pop culture than we thought!
Director makes social comments about teachers
humorous image illuminates certain issues:
student's life worlds
learning environment
"funds of knowledge"
an opportunity for self-critique as a pre-service teacher.

thank you
"We may like to think of ourselves as the exception, the hero who is not like the others" (pg 182)
Exaggerated teacher images
"Popular romantic texts...may create unrealistic and potentially harmful expectations by encouraging teacher fantasy at the expense of reality" (Robertson, 1997)
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