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Religion & Education

No description

Cristina Garcia

on 1 November 2013

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Transcript of Religion & Education

How can we affirm religion in the classroom without violating the law?

How can we affirm religion inclusively?
-1624- the Virginia General Assembly forced Native American children to be educated in religion and civilization
- Harvard was founded as a religious school in 1636 that specialized in training Clergy in the Christian faith
-1642- "Old Deluder Satan Law" : ensured that kids could use the Bible in school

Religion in Education
Religion & Education
1. History
2. Supreme Court Cases
3. Religion in the United States
4. Should religion have a role in education?
Fast forward a couple of years.....
- The first amendment, which includes
the freedom to express religion, was ratified in 1791
-The establishment clause that comes with the first amendment states the Congress cannot make laws that respect an establishment of religion
-Not everyone agreed however; Ex: Dr. Benjamin Rush, who signed the Declaration of Independence, wrote a letter in support of using the Bible as a textbook-1830
Teaching Religion
-Teaching religions:
- Religious indoctrination

-Teaching ABOUT religion:
-Historical, cultural, literary and social
-Instill understanding, tolerance and respect for a pluralistic society.

Supreme Court Case

1946- A New Jersey law allowed reimbursements of money to parents who sent their children to school on buses operated by the public transportation system. Children who attended Catholic schools also qualified for this transportation subsidy.

Did the New Jersey statute violate the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment as made applicable to the states through the Fourteenth Amendment?

- Congress even didn't view a separation between Church and State
-1781- Congress approved the purchase of Bibles to be used in schools
-1787- Congress passes the Northwest Ordinance which regulates what new territories must due to gain statehood; one of the rules was that they must establish schools that teach religion
Our presidents even supported religion in education

Thomas Jefferson, while President of the Washington DC
schools, required the use of the Bible and Watts Hymnal in the classrooms

In Washington's farewell address, which has since been published as a textbook, he proposes the America will only succeed if we become a moral society which only comes from Christian faith; this textbook was used until the 1960's
Our roles as teachers: What to do
-Be aware and respect religious holidays, traditions and beliefs
-Protestant 51.3%
-Roman Catholic 23.9%
-Mormon 1.7%
-Other Christian 1.6%
-Jewish 1.7%
-Buddhist 0.7%
-Muslim 0.6%
-Other or unspecified 2.5%
-Unaffiliated 12.1%
-None 4% (2007 est.)
Supreme Court Case
Epperson v. Arkansas (1968)
Facts: Arkansas prohibited the teaching the “theory or doctrine of evolution.” A teacher lost her job for teaching it.

Does the statute of Arkansas that prohibits the teaching of evolution violate the establishment clause of the First Amendment and the equal protection clause of the Fourteenth Amendment of the Constitution because of its religious purpose?

-TEACH: ignorance is NOT bliss
Supreme Court Case
Engel v. Vitale (1962)
Board of Education of New Hyde Park, NY instructed their schools to recite a NYS Regents composed with a prayer every morning.

Does prayer at school violate the First Amendment’s provision for separation of church and state?

A change in America
-Not much changed immediately after the constitution was ratified
ex: in 1925 Florida passed a law requiring daily Bible reading in public schools
-Then came McCollum vs. Board of education in 1948 where the Supreme Court ruled that setting aside time during school for prayer was unconstitutional
A divided Court held that the law did not violate the Constitution. Services like bussing and police and fire protection for parochial schools are "separate and so indisputably marked off from the religious function" that for the state to provide them would not violate the First Amendment.
Prayer violated First Amendment because it
advanced or encouraged religion.

-https://www.aworg/resources/publications/prayer-and-the-public schools
-ted talks
Ruled that the Arkansas statute forbidding teaching of evolution was unconstitutional and violated the First Amendment and ordered it to be removed.

-Teach similarities, not differences
Doe versus Santa Fe Independent School District (1999)
A student from Santa Fe High School said a prayer before each home varsity football game. One Mormon and one Catholic family filed suit arguing this practice violated the Establishment clause of the First Amendment.

Does the Santa Fe Independent School District's policy permitting student-led, student-initiated prayer at football games violate the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment?

The Court held that the District's policy permitting student-led, student-initiated prayer at football games violated the Establishment Clause.
Supreme Court Case
Elk Grove Unified School Distict v. Newdow (2003)
Father argued that his daughter had to recite the "Pledge of Allegiance" which contained the words "under God" was unconstitutional and violated the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment.

Does the "Pledge of Allegiance" violate the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment?
-Avoid religious biases
The "Pledge of Allegiance" is constitutional.
Supreme Court Case

Laura Carles
Cristina Garcia
Torrey Veloz
EDUR 400
31 Oct. 2013 - Happy Halloween
Your design for living and interpretation of real life.
-Definition given by Henry Ward [Director of Intercultural Affairs]
Religion is a very important part of culture.
-Spiritual, moral, and social framework for behavior
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