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A day behind glass

No description

Candace Nolan-Grant

on 22 June 2018

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Transcript of A day behind glass

...but no talking? Are they playing with our perceptions of glass? Does glass distort? Is glass fragile? Is glass our window onto the world? Or a barrier keeping us from the world? Is it good when everything just works... ...or is it just a sign of homogeneity? Is compatibility just a sign of monopoly? ...but don't cry! You may be a boy in a bubble... Attributions Coventry cathedral windows: Flickr/ahisgett
Glass Onion remaster: YouTube/TheQuarrymen58
High Speed Glass Shatter: YouTube/cacaface123
Day 220: sixth person at dinner: Flickr/quinn.anya
Stranger in the box: photo of artwork by Quentin Shih
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