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A balanced Lifestyle is essential to good health for teenage

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christian laidler

on 7 May 2014

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Transcript of A balanced Lifestyle is essential to good health for teenage

What is A Balanced Lifestyle?
A balanced lifestyle for a teenager basically means managing time and making adjustments where there is need. It essentially adds up to living happily and reducing stress levels from the demands of life. One can live a balanced lifestyle by getting sufficient exercise, resting enough, eating healthily and finding time to relax. There are five main components to a balanced lifestyle these are rest, sleep, eating a healthy diet, school work/study and finally physical activity.
A Balanced Lifestyle is Essential to Good Health for Teenagers
By Christian Laidler
Component 1
Rest & Relaxation
Component 2: Sleep
Definition: Sleep is a condition of body and mind that happens for most people for several hours every night. A teenager should receive on average at least 8.25 hours sleep a night. During sleep the nervous system is relatively inactive, the eyes closed, the postural muscles relax and consciousness is practically suspended. Sleep is very important for a growing teenager. Sleep has many benefits these include better concentration, positive mood, longer life, less chance of getting sick and better memory function.
Component 3:
Eating Healthily
Eating healthily is an important part of a teenagers life. Just as car needs fuel to run, a human is similar, in that it needs food to create energy so that they can function. Eating healthily consists of eating a balance of food from the five food groups these include; fruit, vegetables, meat, dairy and a small amount of sugary foods. Having a balanced diet will result in better brain function, healthy weight gain and greater overall fitness.
Component 4: School work/study
A teenager's day is mostly spent at school, thinking critically, problem solving and working cooperatively with teachers and peers. Going to school helps you develop knowledge and skills for life after school. Students in high school have breaks between periods to rest for a while before getting back to work. At school it is important to always try your best and put in your best effort, because when you succeed you feel good about yourself and this contributes to achieving a balanced lifestyle.
Component 5: Physical activity
Growing teenagers need to be involved in a moderate level of physical activity to maintain a fit and healthy lifestyle. Physical activity can include a variety of activities for example; going for a bike ride, playing sport, walking a dog, going to the gym, running or even going outside and kicking the footy or soccer ball around in the backyard. Teenagers should aim to perform two or more of these activities on a regular basis. Unfortunately many kids in Australia do not meet these requirements and as a result the percentage of adolescents that are obese is increasing at an alarming rate.
Benefits of Physical Activity
Physical activity has both mental and physical benefits for teenagers. A mental benefit of taking part in physical activity is that it can relieve the stress a teenager may be experiencing. For example if there is a teenager with a lot of homework that he/she is getting stressed over, they can put it aside and do something physical that will not only take their mind of the workload but more importantly it will assist the brain so that when they come back to their work they may find that the work is clearer and they may complete it with greater ease. The physical benefits of regular activity result in positive body image and this help teenagers have a healthy self esteem . For example playing soccer young boys and girls can become faster and stronger and they will also develop friendships because soccer is a team sport. Alternatively teenagers may decide to go to the gym where they can exercise to work on muscle strength and increased cardio. Developing good habits towards physical activity in your teen years is an important element of a balanced lifestyle.
In the video above you will see some of the factors that could impact on a teenager's balanced lifestyle. The example above shows how completing homework and study can help maintain balance. However, it also sends a message that students who are bullied have more stress, anxiety and pressure and this can lead to inappropriate and harmful choices. Other things that may impact and interfere with a teenagers balanced lifestyle include: experimenting with drugs & alcohol, violence, peer pressure, low self esteem, part time work commitments and too much screen time.
Definition: Stop work or movement in order to relax, refresh oneself and recover. Many people think that rest and sleep are the same thing but they are not. Sleep is when your body shuts down to repair and refresh itself. Rest is a time where your body relaxes such as when you go on a holiday or engage in activities that make you happy and give you pleasure. When you rest you relax and relieve you mind and body of all the things in life that may cause you stress.
If all of the components are given equal importance and consideration everything will function correctly and teenagers will have the balance they need to lead a healthy lifestyle.
A balanced lifestyle is key to a healthy life
Here Is a Nike quote which is good for people wanting to make a change in there life!!!
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