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BMW Film Case

No description

Shangzhi Wu

on 15 November 2016

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Transcript of BMW Film Case

History of BMW
1916 - Bayerche motoren werkr(AG)
1929 – First automobile
1972 – 5 series

Actions in North American
1. I
ntroduction of new models to core series
2. Aggressive pricing strategy
3. The reorganization of its dealer network
4. The introduction of several new Series.

BMW Film Case
Average BMW Customer: 46 years old.
BMW Films
Internet only “The Hire”
9 million views
A-list actors and directors
“We decided it was about entertainment, not advertising.”
Gruop 12
Musheng Zhang
Brian Rizzi
Shangzhi Wu

1975 – 3 series
1977 - 7 series
Late-1970s, "Ultimate Driving Machine"
Late-1980s, Faced fresh competition from Japan: Honda, Toyota(Lexus), Nissan(Infiniti)
they offer superior quality and lower price.
1996- 2001, BMW sales rebounded
Median income: $150,000

no children
2/3 male
85% purchasers were on the internet before they bought BMW
Very loyal
Good feedback

But ...

Percentage of Growth in Sales:

1998 - 1999 :17%
1999 - 2000 :23%
2000 - 2001 :12%
" **** Thrilling" -- Variety

" the ultimate in new-media, high-end branding has arrived" -- Time

3C Analyis
Change of brand image from hottest luxury brands to outdated.
The company has limited marketing dollars and will not be satisfied with diminishing returns
Honda, Lexus,Infiniti
high-end features
Suprtior qulity
Excellent service level
Lower price
Possible Solution
1. "Milk"

2. Develop more short films

3. Develop a feature-length movie

4. Do nothing
Making them available to a wider audience
Makeing DVD

Could make the films available to people who might not have high-speed access to the internert

May target the wrong people

More Cost
"Milk "
Continue with shorter films
almost 90% of the visitors tothe BMW filmss website were requesting additional films.
High chance of good ratings, people requested more videos

More cost
did not have new idea
Create feature-length movie
Shown at theaters around the world
Have the whole story
income form the movie sales

Very expensive
high risk
Q & A
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