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HorseBack Riding


lis lab3

on 12 November 2013

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Transcript of HorseBack Riding

horseback riding!
What kind of equipment do you need?
Who rides horses?
Horseback Riding
When did it start?
What do people say when they do this sport?
People say whoa,trot, canter, jump, gallop, left leg, and right leg.
Where do you play this sport ?
Horseback riding started in Egypt 4500 B.C.
The goal of horseback riding is to get the best time or to get the highest score.
What is the Goal of horseback riding?
You need a saddle, bit, bridle, saddle pad,
jell pad, stirrups, grooming tools and a girth.
You ride in an outdoor ring or an indoor ring.Sometimes you can go on a trail ride!
Name: Alycia Burton
Age: 15
Horse: Gold Rush (Ten year old , 15.2 hands palamino pinto gelding.)
Alycia Burton is a free rider, that means she ride and jumps without a saddle or bridle. Alycia owns 9 horses and 20 acres of land.
Alycia Burton
This is Goldrush and Alycia!
Thanks For Watching!!!
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