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Haagen-Dazs loves Honey Bees

COMM483 Case Study Presentation

Justine Hong

on 3 October 2013

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Transcript of Haagen-Dazs loves Honey Bees

Haagen-Dazs Loves Honey Bees
Case Study by Justine Hong

Haagen Dagz (HD) dates back to 1920s in Bronx, NY
Vanilla, Chocolate & Coffee
Iconic and strong brand
Exceptional new super-premium frozen dessert experiences
The philosophy of the HD brand is simple.
Research & Planning
"Disappearing honey bees"

Focus groups to determine consumer awareness, engagement and attitude

While honey bees are essential to the U.S. food supply, no major food brands had adopted the issue
Target Publics
35-54 yrs. old
Male/Female balanced
Highly educated
Affluent urban and suburban living
HD is now the champion of an under-reported but critical cause.
Embraced "all natural" brand value
Highest sales increase in one year
Donation: $250k to PSU & UCD
$10k to The Pollinator Partnership
Bees Board - deliver campaign messages in relation to beekeeping
Flavor Launch: Vanilla Honey Bee
Percentage of sales go to CCD research
Logo & under the lid
Industry Outreach: Beekeeping & Scientific community
Media Outreach: CNNMoney.com for launch date
B-roll of HD plants & Bee Board
Million Seeds Challenge: Craigslist & MeetUp.com to receive one million seeds
Ice Cream Social on Capitol Hill
Awareness/Comprehension Goals:
In 2009, the HD brand lost its relevance with its consumers and the company was looking for a way to highlight its all-nautral positioning the would resonate.
Goal: To re-ignite HD consumer passion and boost annual sales growth
Audience Analysis
HD consumers care about what they eat and where the food comes from
What they consume & quality for family
Want to contribute to a sustainable society through small, enjoyable, hassle-free actions
1. Give consumers a compelling way to engage more genuinely and frequently with the brand by educating them about the honey bee plight, HD’s concern and the brand’s authentic reliance on honey bees

2. Leverage first-mover advantage and become the first national consumer brand to support the issue and put the cause on consumers’ radar in a major way; strategically use the brand name
to raise awareness and underscore the brand’s “all natural” brand essence by inextricably linking honey bees with HD
Business goals:
Business Goals
1. Drive sales of HD's new Vanilla Honey Bee and products carrying the honey bee "cause" symbol
Awareness/Comprehension Goals
1. Increase awareness of the honey bee issue and the HD loves HB campaign
Behavior Goals
1. Convince consumers to plant bee-friendly habitats. Achieve HD’s first-year goal of planting one million bee-friendly flowers.

2. Drive unique visitors to helpthehoneybees.com. (Achieve industry average of five views/visit)
2. Increase 2008 revenue growth by 1% over 2007
2. Increase consumer media impressions on the HD brand by 25% over 2007 levels (Total media goal: 125 million impressions in year one)
3. Increase consumer recommendations of HD over Q1 levels
Drive sales of HD’s new Vanilla Honey Bee/bee-dependent flavors; increase 2008 revenue
growth by 1% over 2007
5.2% April sales increase – the largest single sales spike in a year
4% growth sustained from April-July 2008
Increase consumer media impressions on the Häagen-Dazs brand by 25% over 2007 levels (total media goal: 125 million impressions in year one); increase awareness of the honey bee issue and the HB loves HB campaign
277+ million media impressions, worth nearly $1.5 million in advertising equivalencies. The HD loves HB story included in 1,097+ unique news placements
93% positive media coverage
100% carried brand name/product mentions and key PR messages
12-point increase in level of PR and “buzz”
Behavior Goals:
Convince consumers to plant bee-friendly habitats; drive unique visitors to the website; increase consumer recommendations of HD over Q1 levels
1.2+ million bee-friendly flower seeds to community groups and individuals
469,798 unique visitors swarmed helpthehoneybees.com; 8 pages per visit
950+ consumers and organizations contacted HD with suggestions, offers to collaborate, requests for more information, and compliments on the program.
13% increase in brand advocacy rating to 69%, the highest in the category (exceeding Ben and Jerry’s).
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