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Daughter for sale

By Emily, Fran and Steph

emily cameron

on 18 March 2010

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Transcript of Daughter for sale

The Story in context Who wrote it - Samruam Singh

Where was it written - Jautrat, Thailand

When was it written - 16 December 1975 cultural and historical influences From different apects of the text we can tell it is based on thailand. We can tell this by the fact it is written by a Thai writter and in thailand. we can also see this from many of the places mentioned such as bangkok, and the subject of prositution being well known in thailand the selling of women (wives and daughters) for postituion in thailand has been around since for a long time, but since the end of the vietnam war, april 1975, which is the year "daughter for sale" was written, Thailand has gained recognition as a "sex tourism" place. this helps explains why, being a relevant affair of the period and probably a new and interesting concept to people, the author may of written this story. at the end of the vietnam war (1975) poverty was wide spread throughout thailand and caused a loss of food, resources and income for many. This was a time of desperate measures due to people needing money so badly. This is when people often resorted to things such as selling of women for prostitution in order to feed themselves and their family In the history of thailand, along with the constant problem of wide spread poverty, times of EXTREME famine and poverty appear again and again. These are the sorts of times that resort to people taking drastic measures like those in this story, which is how the history of thailand ties in to this story What is the writer trying to say? What is the point of the writing? The writer is trying to inform us about this issue of selling of girls and women into the world of prostitution in thailand. This is a very important and highly worrying topic and for us as readers, it is something so far out of our world it is almost unbelieveable. The fact that your father could sell you to another person, to become a prostitue, is unimaginable for us.
This piece of writing also sends a strong message about poverty in thailand and how bad it really can be, the fact that this father had to sell his daughter just so that he could pay for his wifes medical bills is horrible. How does the writer do this? the writer sends us this message by simply telling us this story. When looked at In comparission to how this event would be taken by parents here in Australia, it is so different. At one point when the mother and father are talking about their daughter the mother says "the matter has happened and nothing can be done, so we might aswell let it pass", though the parents obviously care, this sort of event is a lot more, acceptable, in their culture, and you can see this by the way the author has written this. what is the story about Lung Ma grows garlic in a small village in Thailand. One year the garlic prices rose to an exceptional amount . Lung Ma and his daughter were doing well, so he decided to expand his business, so he borrowed 10,000 baht from the bank and added all the money he had save up for his daughter future, and invested all his money into buying another three rai of paddy field. The following year, the garlic prices dropped, and Lung Ma finds himself in a big mess. With no other option Lung Ma is forced to sell his daughter to an old prostitute named Yai Phloy. For Lung Ma “he was so destitute that he had to sell his daughter” "Phii Maa, the matter has happened and nothing can be done, so we might as well let it pass”....... We'll help each other to share the burden of our demerit. It's just as if she has gone off and gotten a husband, only that she doesn't have a real husband...By the time she can earn the money to help her parents, I wonder how many husbands she will have to have..."

This quote represent that even though the father had received 2,500 baht as an advanced payment from Yai Phloy, it still was an extremely large price to pay but they must move on and let their daughter’s new life beign. The mother feels mortified that her husband sold their eldest daughter to a women who is well known for her dirty way of life. The mother refers to her daughter being sent off to “hell”. Even though you think how selfish and unloving the father is for selling his daughter, you can sense great regret in his actions, but his love for his wife is much stronger than his love for his daughter. IMPORTANT qUOTE
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