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Biome Project


Chad Cohen

on 27 September 2012

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Transcript of Biome Project

Chad Cohen and Joey Angelina Tundra Tundra Map 10 - 30 degrees Celsius Temperature Range High winds, low temperatures, Climate Located above the Tropic of Cancer Precipatation 20 - 60 centimeters annually It is about a finger length and it prevents the plants roots as long as they need to grow Fox - It makes its home in small burrows. It is usually the size of a cat. It is an solitary animal. Grizzly Bear - Have an amazing diet. It is an solitary animal. Population increasing in Yellowstone Park Permafrost
(permanently frozen soil) Interesting Facts The word tundra means treeless plain It is the second most dangerous enviroment It is considered the coldest environment Lichen - It is a cross between of fungus and algae Mosquito - Like an ordinary mosquito but they like all the water in summer months that melts and stays there Winter Summer The sun is usually out for 24 hours during this time Caribou - It is the only
type of deer that both sexes have antlers. Some populations migrate hundreds of miles away Norway Lemming - It is active day and night. It eats grass Cotton Grass -It has seeds that are spread through the tundra when there is wind.
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