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Science ABC's

No description

Stephannia Morris

on 9 June 2017

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Transcript of Science ABC's



A Artery
the kind of blood that pumps though
your body and away from your heart.

B Bactria
Bacteria are like germs they live everywhere.
Some bacteria make animal and human sick.
They are very small you can only see them with a
C Cells
D Digestion
Is a skelelton in a body. Skeleton are bones they
can help you move.






Cell is a small unit of living matter
of which all plants and animals made. There are many different cells like muscle cell, blood cells, and brain cells.
The changing of food into forms that body's can use. Digestion begins as soon as you bite into food.
E Endoskelton
F Food Chain
The path of food energy from one organism
to another in a ecosystem. All organisms need energy. The main source of energy on Earth is sunlight. Producers capture
G Gravity
Force that pulls any two objects toward one another, such as you toward the center of the earth.
H Heart
Part of a body that pumps your blood.
Your heart is made out of tissue papper.
I Ice
Liquid water collects in cracks in a rock. When the water freezes, it expands. Ice is frozen water, when you put water in a cold place it freezes into solid ice. Did you know Elsa's castle is made out of ice
J Joints
Two or more bones meet at a joint. Different kinds of joints make different kinds of movements.
K Kinetic Energy
Energy of motion. Moving water has kinetic energy that can be used to generate energy. Machines inside dams change the energy of moving water into electrical energy.
L Little Dipper
The Little Dipper has the North Star on the edge. The little dipper is a constellation.
M Minerals
There are 12 minerals. Minerals are rocks and fossils. Example Emerald, Turquoise, Granite, Limestone, and Marble.
N Nutrients
A nutrient is a substance that an organism needs in order to survive and grow.
O Ocean
About 75% of earths surface is covered with water.
P Plant tissues
The plant tisses is contrains
something like blood cells.The tisses grives plants engrener .
Q Questions
Well questions is type of spech when you
what to know something so you ask .

R Refraction
The bending of light rays as they move from one material into another material. When light moves through material, the light rays can bend.
S Soil
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