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Gift-Giving Around the World

No description

Svetlana Patimova

on 4 April 2013

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Transcript of Gift-Giving Around the World

Germany PDI 35 IDV 67 MAS 66 UAI 65 LTO 65 Saudi Arabia PDI 95 IDV 25 MAS 60 UAI 80 LTO - United States PDI 40 IDV 91 MAS 62 UAI 46 LTO 29 Japan PDI 54 IDV 46 MAS 95 UAI 92 LTO 80 General Guidelines Small gift is polite Substantial gifts are not usual No gifts before the deal has been reached The larger the gift, the more official and public the giving should be No expensive gifts Social events, also as "thank you" Appreciated Gifts Quality pens, tasteful office items with company logo Fine chocolates Good imported alcohol, wine of excellent vintage Local food speciality Also: coffee table books about your home country, elegant silk scarf or a bouquet of flowers for the lady of the house Gifts to Avoid Red roses - lovers Lilies, chrysanthemums, heather - funerals and cemeteries ...------ Clothing, perfumes,
toiletries are too personal Scarf is acceptable Avoid Avoid bringing beer as a gift, since many of the finest brands in the world are already produced and widely available here. General Guidelines Gifts should only be given to the most intimate of friends, between equals or from the superior to the subordinate (neither to the boss, nor to an older person) Do not express admiration for something belonging to another person Determined to give a gift, find the best affordable Open and minutely examine the gift in the presence of the giver and others present Pay attention to the religious aspects of the Saudi Arabian culture Appreciated Gifts Traditional perfume (scent - itr) is usually the most appreciated.

However, the best quality oud can cost 1'000 pounds an ounce Platinum is the most acceptable, but can be confused with white gold. Thus, silver hallmarked by a government authority is safer. Gifts to Avoid Gold jewelery and silk garments are inappropriate for men (both are deemed effeminate in Islam). Alcohol, pork and other products made out of pig or shellfish, or birds are forbidden Statuettes (depiction of human, dogs and other identifiable objects) are forbidden due to the depiction of the Wahhabi Islam. General Guidelines Often presented after the deal is closed Mostly, gifts are unwrapped immediately and shown to all assembled Do not expect a gift in return right away During the Holiday season gifts are exchanged (no religious connotations) When you are invited, a gift is always appreciated. If you stay at somebody's home, a gift is appropriate. Appreciated Gifts Useful office items Liquor or wine Potted plant or flowers Taking for a meal or another entertainment Gifts for children are thoughtful and appreciated. Gifts to Avoid Better to choose yellow roses or tea roses Clothing as well as perfume are considered too personal General Guidelines Gift-giving is an important part of Japanese business protocol The emphasis on the ritual of gift-giving Gifts are often carried inside shopping bags in order to minimize any hint that a gift will be presented and given at the end of a visit (no surprises) Gifts for individuals should be given in private Commenting on gift is a part of the custom Rank of the person defines a type of a gift Gifts are to be opened in private ("loss of face") Before accepting a gift, it is polite to modesty refuse Numbers Colors Meaning of Numbers and Colors Flowers should have uneven number Gifts in pairs are considered lucky Numbers 4 (shi, yon - "death") or 9 (kyuu, ku - "agony") are considered unlucky Also 24, 49 and 13 8 is considered as a lucky number because of it's shape ("better things will come in the future") Red can be misinterpreted as "anger" and "danger" Green stays for "freshness", "eternal life" Yellow for "beauty", "refinement", "courage" Purple - "privilege", "wealth" White symbolizes death Green stays for Islam, "wealth", "prestige" Appreciated Gifts Cakes, fine chocolate and your home country specialties Alcohol (brandy, quality whiskey, excellent wines) Branded/designers' products Pastel colors are the "safest" Gifts to Avoid Potted plants encourage sickness But bonsai is always acceptable White flowers of any type Office items with company logo Brazil PDI 69 IDV 38 MAS 49 UAI 76 LTO 65 General Guidelines Gifts are not expected and can be conceived as a bribe Social event is a better place for giving a gift Secretaries can be very helpful Gifts to members of the opposite sex can be misinterpreted ("This is from my wife/my secretary") No expensive gifts Appreciated Gifts Also: something stylish Small electronic items Sports team and university apparel Champagne, good whiskey, scotch, wine, chocolate Name-brand pens Gifts to Avoid Purple, black - mourning Green and yellow color scheme- represent national colors Handkerchiefs are associated with tears and funerals 13 of anything is considered bad luck Wallets, key chains or jewelry may be misinterpreted and are considered as too personal Quiz Which of these gifts is the most appropriate for a Saudi business associate? When giving or receiving a gift in Japan, you should so do using ... In Germany what color flowers would make a poor choice for a gift? In which of these countries you should not forget about bringing something for children? Is it a good idea to send flowers before dinner in the United States? Where should you reject a present before taking it? Gold watch
Silver pen
Silk tie Right hand
Both hands
Left hand White
Red United States
Japan Yes
No Brazil
Saudi Arabia
Japan Gift-Giving Around the World Svetlana Patimova Thank You for Your Attention! Introduction Gifts are given to promote goodwill and foster good relationships Goodwill is not the same as bribe Take into account local laws, religion, culture and individual preferences NO gag gift, NO too personal gifts, NO bribes What would you give to your international colleague? 5. Should you spend a lot on gifts? 4. Would an invitation for a diner or other entertainment accepted in all countries? 6. Are you obliged to give a gift on the first business meeting? 2. Which of the following is/are associated with death and should not be given as gifts in the Chinese culture? 1.In all but one of the following countries it is expected that you bring a gift to a business meeting. In which country is it not expected? Quiz China
Czech Republic
Bolivia Clocks
Straw sandals
A handkerchief
A stork or a crane
All of the above 3. What would you consider being a good "international" present? Red flowers
Leather belt
Company products
Fine pen Yes
No Yes
It differs Yes
It depends (give an example)
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