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Senior Seminar Presentation

No description

Marie Benson

on 10 July 2014

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Transcript of Senior Seminar Presentation

What is an initial educator?
Submit for approval
New Path to Renew Your License
Two Choices
September 1, 2012
1. Graduated after 8/31/2004
2. Must write a PDP to renew license
3. Submit PDP by January 1
4. Team of 3 must approve (2 out 0f 3)
a. Administrator
b. Peer
c. IHE
Parts of the Professional Development Plan
I. Self-reflection
II. Writing the Plan
A. Describe your school and teaching situation
1. District demograhics
2. How many years teaching
3. Urban, suburban, or rural
4. District goals and mission
B. Describe your goal
1. Professional growth
2. Student outcomes
C. Provide rationale
1. Why did you write the goal
2. Choose 2 or more WTS
D. Plan for assessment
1. How will you assess yourself
2. How will you assess the students
E. Develop plan to meet your goal
1. Objectives
2. Activities
3. Timeline
4. Collaboration
Paper or Electronic Approval
Electronic Verification

Electronic Signature
Step III
Annual Reviews
1. Add completion dates to timeline
2. Reflect on professional growth
3. Reflect on effect of professional growth on student outcome
4. Describe all changes to PDP
Step IV
Documentation of completion
A. Include 3-5 pieces of evidence. At least one must show professional growth
B. Summarize and reflect upon how you reached your goal.
Professional Educator PDP
-Verified in 5th year by PDP team
-3 Peers
Initial Educator PDP
-Goal approved in 2nd and verified in 5th year by PDP team (2 out of 3)
Initial and Professional Educator
PDP Requirement Comparison
Year 1: Self-reflection
Year 2: Write PDP and get approved
Years 2-4: Complete annual reviews and collect evidence
Year 5: Verify PDP, submit application for Professional Educator license
Professional Educator

1. Develop PDP in 2nd year of 5 year cycle
2. PDP team verifies in 5th year
-3 peers
UW-W Support
Summer Institutes
1. Taught in August
2. 1 credit (grad or ug)
3. PDP creation or verification
What do I do the first year?
1. Reflect
2. Reflect
3. Reflect
Marie Benson
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