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Danielle's Place

No description

Danielle's Place

on 27 January 2016

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Transcript of Danielle's Place

Look Beyond- Look Beyond Labels.
Look Beyond Stigma. Look Beyond Negativity.

You are NOT your eating disorder.
You are NOT your mental illness.

You are...


xtraordinarily Unique

alented and Timeless

ntriguing and Intelligent

ever giving up

o-Getter and a Goal Setter








ising-Up and Overcoming

bsolutely and Undeniably Important

onderful and Wise


esilient and Fearless


eeded Here


elf Love


It's okay to be you
It's okay to be different
It's okay to feel and cry and laugh and scream
There is more to life than what you know now
Eating Disorder Awareness Week:
From Roots to Recovery

Presented by:

Danielle's Place

Oh...to be a tree!
Untouched by callous words and destructive actions
Branches and leaves upraised to the sky
Gently touched by the sun’s healing rays
Where are you now eternal sun?
Show yourself...embrace me in your healing light
Take me from this place of darkness
Mend my broken heart...illuminate my weary soul

Accursed and villainous scourge!
You do not own me!
You do not define who I am!
Insidiously stealing my life, breath by precious breath
I am ready now
I will reclaim that which was so thoughtlessly stolen from me
I will confront you head on
I will take back my life

Embrace me in your healing glow
My eternal sun
Soothe my broken heart
Restore my weary soul
Slowly, confidently, I lift my arms to the sky
And accept this priceless gift of rejuvenation
Untouched by callous words and destructive actions
I am a tree!

Meeting Him
The hot summer sun beats down as I adjust the rubber bands that hold up either side of
my extra small Aéropostale bikini. Sweat beads on my forehead as I glance out over the
glistening lake water. I close my eyes, take a deep breath, inhale the crisp aroma of algae and gasoline from the distant Skidoos. In one week, I will start grade nine at St. Mary Catholic Secondary School.

I wade out into the murky water of Lake Erie with my younger sister, Beth. Algae lines
the shore while bright coloured beach towels, chairs and umbrellas litter the sand. Turkey Point
beach crowds with people trying to soak up the last of the summer rays before school starts once
I hear mom call my name from shore. I wade in hesitantly, cloudy water slowly descends
on my gaunt waist as I move towards the shore, annoyed. I just got in. As I approach, she tries
not to make a scene. In her soft voice she quietly reminds me of my bed rest.

“Remember, your appointment is Wednesday,” she says as I nod my head. Beth returns to the shoreline and announces she wants an ice cream.
“Polar Paws,” she exclaims with a grin as she collects the change from mom. “Two scoops of vanilla ice cream with strawberry syrup and white chocolate chips.”

I wish I were her at this moment. How can she not worry about the calories in the icecream? How can she not care that the fat content alone would make her gain a whole pound?
“Me too,” I declare, even though I wouldn’t dare have one.

The dingy Bayview Restaurant houses the ice-cream shack just across the sandy road, but every calorie burned counts. The more I fixate on crossing that road, burning those calories, the louder his voice inside me gets.

Dad chimes in, “Just grab a handful of almonds for the walk,” he adds as I turn to go.
The almonds sit in a plastic Ziploc bag in his hand. He outstretches his arm, a yellow
long sleeve swim shirt covering his pale skin.

My mind begins to race. The almonds are even worse than the ice-cream. Does he not know the fat content of nuts? Does he not understand the exercise I will have to do to burn those calories? My lower lip begins to quiver. He knows I’m agitated.

“Just eat a handful Meg, it’s not that bad,” he cautions. Not that bad I think? Do you have any idea?
My head begins to shake, slowly at first, then increasing in speed. My parents know what’s next.
“If you eat six then you can go with Beth,” my mom says, trying to avoid a meltdown.

Family friends joined us today. Friends that don't know what’s going on but probably have an idea. I mean how can you not? Rubber bands hold up either side of the bathing suit that slips off my bony hips, my ribcage pokes out of what I thought at the time were abs and my hair hangs down in brittle, greasy, lifeless strands.

Tears form in my eyes. They don’t understand. Nobody does. Nobody ever will. One almond is just as bad as three hundred. That almond inside my body is the problem. I worked so hard to get where I am and I will not let one little almond compromise all that.

My breaths become more rapid. All my coping strategies disappear. The quiver in my lip has spread to the rest of my body. If I didn’t know any better, I would have thought I was seizing. But I know this feeling. It happens all too often, especially in recent weeks. My knees become
weak. I lick the familiar taste of salt off my top lip from the tears running down my face.

The family under the blue umbrella next to us looks over. I can feel all four of them stare as the mother nudges the two young boys to look away. They snicker as a lump forms deep in my throat. The scene my mom so badly wanted to avoid only moments away. I feel bad, I do, but I can’t help it. He’s just too loud, too in-demand. Today, he wins.

It's Okay...
who I am because I fought to become me"
One Day At A Time
Be your own
Be your own
"One small crack doesn't mean you're
It means you were tested and didn't Fall Apart."
Thank you
895 Brant Street Unit #3
Burlington, ON, L7R 2J6
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