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Digital Scrapbook

No description

Summer Madkour

on 13 June 2014

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Transcript of Digital Scrapbook

I wanna be the very best..
Society and Pop Culture
Society and Pop Culture (Continued)
Political Events
Friday, June 13, 2014
Vol XCIII, No. 311
Events that occurred...
The economy
President Clinton bans any human cloning.
Digital Scrapbook
March 4th 1997
Actually born in the winter.
The Future
Rojo Row Your Boat...
China gains control of Hong Kong.
Dear, Samuel
I've come accustomed to Pop Culture during 1997. So much has happened in that year and the years surrounding it. During this time cartoons have taken a huge roll into the lives of young kids. Those such as:
- Samurai Jack
- Code Name Kids Next Door (KND)
- Fosters Home for Imaginary Friends
The Sciences have increased too!
I want to have kids in the future
I want to go to college
I want to get a job as a teacher
I want to get married
My Dream Job is to be a
Cartoonist and make people
i want to have my own family
see my children get an education
I want to be a
loving father to my family
live life to the fullest
I wanna own
one of these!!
make memories with the people I love
March 7th, 1997
defining Sara Salehs life...
MY Future
I want to be the best mom I could be to my children!!
-Ash Ketchum
the future
World peace
will eliminate
war and
a peaceful
society and
for all the
To see the world
in peace.
Biomedical engineering
will change the lives of people that need an organ or bone transplant
Live in a mansion , which I would
have to pay taxes, and that would support the economy.
To grow up with
one of these
(Cont. Next Slide)
The advances in science have increased dramatically. The discovery of the internet and E-Mail become HUGE in this time of the year, and Microsoft started taking the throne in this time as well. Dolly the sheep is successfully cloned, and opens the doors to bringing back extinct species... I COULD BE HIGH-FIVING A T-REX BY THE NEXT 15-20 YEARS!!
Gas prices 1997 - 2014
$1.42/gallon 3.50/gallon
Average Annual Income
1997- $36,210
2014- $50,099
Home Prices(Average)
1997- $176,000
2014- $299,000
Great Recession of 2008–09
- In 1997 paying the
bills was relatively
easier than it is now.
9/11 occurs
10 years later
Osama is found
These presidents were elected.
Obama makes History.
Create a fundraiser that
will support charities and
shelters around
the world.
Traveling the world.
2010 Iraq war ends
The national debt will
decrease or diminish.
political things
I was born on the same day as my
She is now 93
years-old to
this day.
My original name was supposed to be:
Raphael Hideki Rojo
... (weird huh?)
I was also hoped to be a girl...
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