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The Case for the defence

No description

Sarah Elliott

on 17 April 2015

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Transcript of The Case for the defence

The Case for the defence
Sarah Elliott English 11
Mrs Salmon
is the protagonist of the story, she was the witness for prosecuting Mr Adams. Mrs salmon saw Mr Adams leaving Mrs Parker's house that night looking very suspicious.
Adams brother 1(prisoner)
is the antagonist opposing against Mrs Salmon and was caught leaving the home of Mrs Parker on Valentines day evening.
Mrs Parker
is a static character who was murdered by one of the Adams brothers on Valentines day night.
Henry Macdougall
is a flat character who was a witness to the murder of Mrs Parker by one of the Adams brothers.
Mr Wheeler
is also a flat character who lived next door to Mrs Parker and is a witness to her murder.
Adams wife
is a static and flat character who is an alibi to her husband in the murder trial.
Adams brother 2
is a stereotypical character because he is a twin to his brother and stands up for his brother no matter what.
is a Man sitting in the stands watching the trial take place
The story takes place in the 50's in a court house. It is during the day and it is a very popular case to be watching.
At one point in the story, Mrs Salmon is faced with a dilemma. She is certain that the man sitting before her in the court is the man she saw leave Mrs Parker's house... Until his identical twin brother stands up in the back of the court. She is asked to identify again the man she saw that night but cannot do so.
Plot and conflict
Adams is caught by Mrs Salmon after murdering Mrs Parker and there are some witnesses to that brutal murder. The case starts in the court where one Adams brother stands in the box while his twin brother sits at the back of the court room. The witnesses are called to tell the court what they heard and saw that Valentines day night. Mrs Salmon is the last witness and she identifies the man in the box as the murderer but then is second guessed as his twin brother stands up in the back of the court room. The dilemma is that she doesn't know who she really saw that night. the Adams brother who was the prisoner is acquitted. After leaving the court house through the front doors, one of the Adams brothers is pushed by the shifting crowd and is hit by a bus, and having his head being beat in like Mrs.Parker's head had. The ending is ironic because one man just becoming free is then either killed or struck with grief from the death of hid brother. that is what the narrarator means by divine justice.
Theme and meaning
The theme of this story is divine justice and it means that in a way justice will always be served one way or another.
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