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Blow Out Your Candles

No description

Bess Rowen

on 14 June 2016

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Transcript of Blow Out Your Candles

Joe Mantello
Sued the Caldwell Theatre for ripping of his production of
Love! Valour! Compassion!
Frank Castorf
If the directors instead looked to the stage directions in a script not as a nuisance or a creative hindrance, but instead as the context they need to observe and perhaps negotiate in order to create not just any theatrical event, but truly a theatrical event that is a production of that particular play, then directors could be creative in new and different ways.
Context of Stage Directions
JoAnne Akalaitis's Endgame
John Tiffany's production of
The Glass Menagerie
, Broadway 2013
Blow Out Your Candles, Laura:
Legal Definition of Stage Directions
Originally understood as belonging to directors
Legally, that doesn't work in the United States, because of the Copyright Law of 1976
I therefore advocate for negotiation – or perhaps specifically respectful negotiation – of the theatrical context of stage directions when navigating the theatrical event. What I like about this particular term is that is leaves room for both the theatrical producer and the theatrical context to come together in a series of different relationships, as negotiation also implies that two sides of a discourse will have a say in the final product, which also shows how this process would produce a series of different results.
stylistic shifts
copyright law
rise of director
stage directions
reveal tone,
mood, style
situate in time
and space
Stage Direction
as Context
"For example, although the beginning of the McNally play indicates only a "bare stage," Mantello's production used a large doll house set atop a green mound as a central feature of the stage setting."
Endstation Amerika
Contextualizing Stage Directions/
Stage Directions as Context
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