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Copy of Cousin Kate

Exploring Language

Kim Wells

on 26 September 2012

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Transcript of Copy of Cousin Kate

Exploring the opinions and
attitudes of the narrator Cousin Kate The narrator never directly addresses the Lord. Why? who does she speak to instead?

What are the narrator's opinions about the Lord? Do they change?

Do either relationships with the Lord result in happiness? What does this show about marriage and love in 1800s?

Look at the words the narrator uses to talk about marriage. Her views on marriage? Her feelings about the Lord and Cousin Kate? Key Points To Consider Stanza 1 What are your first impressions of the maiden in "contented with my cottage mates, I was fair"? Why does the poet use the line "lured me to his palace home" and how does it make you feel?

How does the maiden feel in verse 2? Stanza 2 How does the maiden feel about Cousin Kate in verses three and four? Stanzas 3 and 4 Stanza 6 How have the maiden's feeling changed in verse six? How do you know? Reflection How does the poet present the idea of love overall? Is this realistic or unrealistic? Do you think the maiden regrets her affair with the lord? Which characters in Romeo and Juliet could you link this to? Links to Romeo and Juliet Romeo's views on love are idealistic and impractical, how does this relate to characters in the poem? On a post it note, complete this sentence and stick it on the board. Finally The narrator is unrealistic about love because... Why did the great lord praise her "flaxen hair"? How does this relate to Romeo and Juliet? How does this relate to Romeo and Juliet? What happened in the poem? Put these statements in order. Links to R&J Different to Romeo as Lord did not use hyperbole. Lord uses realistic compliments whereas Romeo uses unrealistic metaphors. Links to R&J The maiden has sex outside marriage whereas Juliet proposes. Both couples should not b alone together outside of marriage. Cousin Kate has married for money and status whereas Juliet has married for love. In both cases people were hurt by them being together. Links to R&J How does this link to Romeo
and Juliet Stanza 6 How does this link
to Romeo and Juliet? Links to R&J Romeo was unrealistic when claiming he would give up his name and social status/claim to Capulet wealth whereas maiden's son
has no right to name/title/wealth of the Lord. Links to R&J How does this link to
Romeo and Juliet? Some of the maiden's language suggests she regrets her affair with the lord but her son is her "pride". In Romeo and Juliet even if they regret their relationship they kill themselves for love. LINKS!! Lord and Romeo - want sex, go from woman to woman (fickle), flatter women. Lord gets away with it, Romeo pays the price.
Kate and Juliet - both resist sex before marriage but have negative relationships
Maiden and Juliet both go against society. The maiden has sex outside of marriage and Juliet is the one to propose.
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