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The Fault in Our Stars

No description

Kyleigh Picha

on 8 January 2014

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Transcript of The Fault in Our Stars

The Fault in Our Stars
By: John Green
This book takes place in a small town. About half way through the book Hazel Grace, Augustus, and Hazel's mother take an adventure to Amsterdam. Will her dream come true?? This books theme would also be to show persistence. It showed that if you have a dream that you need to push your way through and live that dream!
Hazel Grace
Isaac Green
Mother and Father

Main Events
Hazel dignoised with cancer
Main Events
Hazel meets Augstus Waters
"I'm not normal, and I never will be." Hazel Grace was diagnosed with cancer. To keep her living, she needs an oxygen tank and a machine called a BiPap. This keeps her sucky lungs from failing on her. Her doctors say that she needs to take new medicine for "depression" when really, She just likes to be alone. Until, her whole life was turned around. Augustus Waters was the man who changed her life forever. He made her dreams become a reality! What will happen to them both? Read The Fault in Our Stars to find out!
Hazel Grace fought like a champion!
This means that hazel may not have won any awards, but she was a champion at battling cancer!
The point of view in this book would be first person
This book is a realistic fiction book.
Hazel Grace is a star in the sky and shines bright in her own way!
This meant that even though she isn't "normal", she is happy with being herself!
Through the whole book I had many different feelings. In the first part I was more happier than I was torwards the end of the book.
I really loved this book! I could never put it down. It just kept getting better and better after every word that I read! This book really spoke to me. I connected with it majorly since my dad was also diagnosed with cancer. It was also very inspirational, because the two main characters showed persistence in every chapter! I would definitely give this book a 5 out of 5 stars! It is by far one of my favorite books! I would also recommend this book to anyone who likes heartfelt books, inspirational books, and people who like to read a little romance!
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