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GMO'S--Genetically Modified Organisms

No description

Allison Cassel

on 30 April 2015

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Transcript of GMO'S--Genetically Modified Organisms

GMO'S--Genetically Modified Organisms
Article 2
-Linked to birth defects
affects intestines in
digestive system
-Wipe out Culture
cross contamination
corn in culture of Mexico
Article 3
-GMO's eliminate starvation
scientists added Vitamin A
into rice
-GMO's can be used in
-Replacing polluting products
synthetic chemicals
non-renewable fossils
The Pro's and Con's
to GMO's

By: Allison Cassel
Article 1
people rage and burn test trial
-"GM's diminish 15% of world harvest"
- Expenses
2000: $2.50
2012: $8

Article 2

-Creating crops resistant to herbicides
-Reduces climate change
-Produce more milk
cows produce 10% more
with GMO's
Article 3
-Crops lead to dangerous allergies
one case was life-threatening with a transgenic soybean
-GMO's create "super bugs"
they are resistant to pesticides
-Once a GMO is released,
can't go back to lab
Article 1
-Can change/modify anything
the scientists want
-Need more food
9 billion pop. in 2050
-Crops can withstand
weather changes: with GMO's
My Position
I am against the use of GMO's in crops for human use, and believe that industry should not continue to produce genetically modified crops.
Article 1: Why Will We Need Genetically Modified Foods: Climate Change Will make it Increasingly Difficult to Feed the World
- Cambridge, Massachusettes

Article 2: The Threats From Genetically Modified Foods
-Robin Mather

Article 3: Genetically Engineered Food: Promises and Perils
-Karen Charman
Reason for my Position:
health risks
cross contamination
"super bugs"
deathly allergies
This is why I am against GMO's!
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