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St. Thomas More University Parish

No description

Jessie Hearn

on 12 April 2018

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Transcript of St. Thomas More University Parish

St. Thomas More University Parish
Began with singing led by choir
Songs are very slow and traditional, with a melancholy organ in the background
Church was PACKED, despite multiple services
Diverse in ethnicity and age
primarily White and Hispanic, but a wide range of people present
primarily college students, but also many families with children
Welcome -
Taken from the St. Thomas More Website
St. Thomas More University Parish is a Roman Catholic community devoted to serving students, faculty, and staff of the University of Oklahoma, as well as a core of supportive parishioners from the greater Norman area. We seek to honor Christ through the celebration of the sacraments, the study of scripture, music, prayer, the intellectual life, and social outreach.
A Special Day
On the day I attended, a bishop from OKC spoke, in honor of the groundbreaking for a new student center.
Scripture reading which is scheduled by the Catholic Church overall
Offering was taken up
Incense was burning
Fountain of Holy Water
Prayers are communal and scripted
Some took place standing, while others were kneeling
Preaching was very short
Examples of Ceremonies
My Takeaways
Highly ritualized
Difficult to come in as an outsider
High levels of unity amongst single congregation and church as institution
Church is highly active in OU and Norman community.
Annie Rock
Devout Catholic from a predominantly Catholic area of Chicago
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