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on 14 October 2013

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Jean Little By: Addyson Creamer
Major Points In Jeans Life
My book was called Little by Little. It was written be Jean Little. I chose this book because I read about her online be for and wanted to find out more.
Jean is a author for the young and old. She was born in Taiwan to Canadian parents. When she was born she could not see because she had what her friends called "bad eyes". Her parents are both doctors and where very worried but then they noticed that jean could she the difference in light and dark. She was not totally blind she just could not see more than two feet in front of her and every thing was blurry When World War Two started her two brothers, sister, mom ,and her all moved back to Canada But her dad just started a new job as a sub for a doctor who

just went on a break for six monthes. Later in life when she stared to write her dad just laughed and said that she could not do it. She ended up proving him wrong in many ways and making him very proud.
Jean in elementary school
Jeans friends said she could not climb a tree because she had bad eyes.
She found out that she would never see clearly at a young age
She graduated college and went on to be a teacher for kids with disabilities and writing books for every one to enjoy.
Jean is important to the world because she shows that even if you have disabilities you can do amazing things. Also she makes blind kids feel like they are awesome when she helps them learn to see the world in there own way. She also is important because she proves that you do not need to be famous to have a wonderful live and message to the world. This is why I think Jean is important to me and to every young girl who has big dreams.Also to any one who is blind or have disabilities.
Miss Little's big accomplishments are that she graduated college, taught disabled kids to learn like regular kids, and she wrote many books. Even though her dad said that she could not do it at the beginning.
Little, Jean. Little By Little. Ontario: Penguin Books, 1987.Print
This movie is about a man in a train station in India. He is blind but takes care of more people and picks up after more people than the normal human.This is how Jean felt most of the time.
Big Accomplishments
Why is she important
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