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World Tour

No description

Andrew Waterman

on 2 December 2015

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Transcript of World Tour

World Tour
Andrew Watermans' Journey
I value never being normal. I know it sounds weird but why would anybody want to be normal and boring. Life is too short to be stuck in an dead end job with people they hate and hours that slowly kill them. I dont.. I am now wanting to be a journalist. Try to travel, Take photos, you know all the fun stuff.
What do i value? What are my goals?

My one true goal is to travel the world. its been on my mind ever since I can remember and has always help me its grasp. If I find someone who is willing to go with me, someone special who is just as crazed about traveling as I am, well I wd marry her.
After I travel all over, see all i can see I want to settle down in one of the places, whichever I liked the most.
Whenever I travel I want to go everywhere. Africa, Australia Ireland, and Japan.
I am going to make a journal and take it all over the world writing what I see and experience.
I started out as a small town farm boy, divorced parents and no friends. Life did not really shine on me much back then. I yearned to get out of that town. I wanted to make something of myself. With no friends to hold me back I was ready to leave Oklahoma at 7, but I then made a friend, My best friend. I became complacent, but now I am ready to leave again.
The Beginning
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