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5 themes of geography : Canada

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max grunewald

on 25 February 2014

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Transcript of 5 themes of geography : Canada

well Canada is apart of North American and its located at the tippy top of the continent and extends all the way up to the Arctic ocean. The absolute location of Canada is 62.2270 degrees N, and 105.3809 degrees W.
Some of the physical characteristics are national parks, canada has over 40 of them and many historical land marks too. Canada is the planets second largest country by its large land mass, and has the worlds second longest border with a nother country the united states. Unlike today canda is inhabited by just a variety of people it once was british and french colonies who explored and settled the area in the 15th century. The population of Canada as of November is 34,980,000.

Canada has its advantages and disavantages just like any other place, you can go out a have big city type of lifestyle, but it also depends on where your home is located you can go travel outside the city and enjoy the view of nature and the beautiful scenery that surrounds your area, there are many mountain ranges, rivers lakes and forests that offer many outdoor activies and hobbies like hunting, fishing, snowboarding or any outdoor extreme winter sport is possible.
Canada and America are very similar in luxuries, but with not as many department stores.
The health care system is big advantage there.
Human-Environmental Interactions
As Canada has always encouraged and supported the concept of free trade, Canada has been a friend and essential partner in trade with the EU and the US. One key trading role which Canada has played in the global economy throughout its past is Canada exports can be anything from large equipment to raw materials such as black gold, minerals and ores, and forestry products. This part of the economy is subject to the most rules governing foreign ownership, but the great thing of resource extraction and trade for Canada is such that these rules are being changed for the better under pressure from big time organizations such as the World Trade Organization, of which Canada is a member.

According to the 2011 census, the main languages are English and French. However, the french language has had a steady decline by Canadians and immigrants that are new,
When it comes down to the matter of religion there are many different beliefs in Canada, but the place has not a official religion. 67% of people living their claim christianity.
5 themes of geography : Canada
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