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Year 11 - Health & Social Care - Unit 2: Controlled Assessme

No description

Andrew Wilson

on 2 October 2017

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Transcript of Year 11 - Health & Social Care - Unit 2: Controlled Assessme

Not easy...worth a lot...
Worth 60% of your final grade
1 mark in controlled assessment = 1.8 UMS marks
1 mark in the exam = 1.2 UMS marks
A* + A* = A*
D + C = D
B + D = C
Describe the different methods of referral to Health and Social Care provision and the range of barriers that exist to accessing service provision.

For your chosen service user identify:
• how they were referred to the service provider

• any specific barriers which affect the service user’s ability to access the service provider.
Image by Tom Mooring
Year 11 - Health & Social Care - Unit 2: Controlled Assessment Introduction
Task 1 - all about your "person"
Task 2 - all about Greig City Academy
Task 3 - Referrals process...
Task 4 - all about GCA staff - 2 in particular
Task 5 - Evaluating the school
For your chosen service provider design an information booklet which could be given to service users which describes the following:
• a
range of at least four services
that are offered by the service provider

• a
description of other agencies
which may work in
with the chosen service provider to deliver care

• the
within which the chosen service provider sits

• a
brief description
of the
other main sectors
Task 2
For your chosen service user produce a case study which describes:
• the
needs based on the developmental stage of the service user

• the needs which are
and any
needs the service user might have

• how the service provider meets
current needs

any needs
be met by the service provider

• the
potential effect
on the service user of these needs
not being met
Task 1...
5 Tasks
GCA Services
Pastoral Care
Outdoor Education
Regular Communication With Parents: Parents Evening, Annual Reports
Social, Moral and Cultural Education - 'the hidden curriculum'
Task 3
This is the shortest task!!!
BUT...hard to get right!
Task 4
Choose one
direct care worker
and one
indirect care worker
who help to meet the needs of your chosen service user. For both workers describe:
• t
heir key roles within the organisation

• the
skills and qualifications
they require

• how the
different Care Values
will be used by each care worker when supporting your service user.
THIS TASK TAKES FOREVER - 3rd bullet point is at least 10 paragraphs!!!
Task 5
From your research, evaluate how effective the service provider is in meeting the needs of your service user. Provide some realistic suggestions of how the service provision could be improved.
16 marks out of 50 on this 1 task!!!
Lots to do...and none of it easy!
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