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Raja Ram Mohan Roy

A quick peek to the history of India's rules and cultures.

A Saha

on 3 March 2014

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Transcript of Raja Ram Mohan Roy

Name – Raja Ram Mohan Roy
Born – 22nd May 1772 in Radhanagar, Hoogly, Bengal
Died – 27th September 1833 in Stapleton, Bristol, UK
Home town – Kolkata, India
At that time, society was a ridden by caste.
Customs and superstitions were a major part of the society and were harmful for the society.
Minor children as young as 8 or 10 years old were married and the girl used to be forced into household while the boy went to study. There were no opportunities for girls to study and their lives were full of superstitions.
The custom said that, if a girl’s husband died, she had to sit on the funeral pyre of her husband and get burnt to ashes. Otherwise, she had to stay as a widow throughout her life, who was treated as an outcast from the society. Widows had no rights. They had no comforts or luxuries at all and had the most basic food.
Raja Ram Mohan Roy believed that there is only one god. He propagated the idea that there is only one god and said that all gods are equal and same. He also said that the way of believing in different gods encouraged discrimination.
However, the argument raised questions: Which god should we believe in? How do we know if all gods are same? If there is only one god then why are there so many gods and religions?
Everyone believes that child marriage and ‘Sati Pratha’ is wrong because it is a social evil and creates social disparity. Child marriage destroys the lives of children and makes them uneducated people who believe in superstitions.
No-one really agrees to child marriage and ‘Sati Pratha’ and I fully agree with Raja Ram Mohan Roy’s work.

The Hindu religion is based on polytheism. Hindus believe that every form of power manifests in a particular form of god. Which needs to be worshipped in its distinct style and form. Most subsequent leaders in India respected and carried forward his thoughts and fight against social superstitions but had difference of opinion on his belief in monothiesm. This was seen to be conflicting with hindu religious beliefs where supreme powers are believed to manifest in multiple forms of gods and goddesses.
The Bramho Samaj is an organisation that allows people to worship the god they believe in. At that time, people of low to caste were not allowed to enter temples and they were treated very badly. The Bramho Samaj is a place where anyone can go to worship the god they belive in and they were not judged on their colour, creed or caste and were not treated badly.
Raja Ram Mohan Roy
Father Of Modern India
Personal Information
Profession – Social Reformer and Philosopher
Famous for – Bengal Renaissance and ‘Bramho Samaj’
Life When He Was Around
 Child Marriage
Sati Pratha
Questions it raised
Opinions on Sati Pratha
Opinions on Monotheism
His Legacy: Bramho Samaj
Essential Information

Key Contributions As A Social Reformer
He attacked the caste system and campaigned to persuade the government and abolish child marriage and ‘Sati Pratha’. He founded the ‘Bramho Samaj’ which is an organisation which does not discriminate against colour, creed and caste and let people worship their role model.
His Work
Key Contributions As A Philosopher
Impact on Indian Society

Following the movement, started by Raja Ram Mohan Roy, Sati Pratha and Child Marriage have been made illegal by law. After the death of Raja Ram Mohan Roy his work was carried forward by his institute, the Bramho Samaj and also some of the other great leaders of the country like Rabindranath Tagore. Several steps have been taken to improve education of chidren particularly girls and today India boasts of some the best educational institutes in the world.
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