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muaz ahmed

on 27 June 2015

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Transcript of Welcome

Group 5's

A Report On
Dutch Bangla Bank's

Customer Relationship


Customer Satisfaction
Strategy of Management

Submitted to:

Sheikh Alamgir Hossain
Lecturer,Department of Finance,
Jagannath University, Dhaka-1100
Submitted by:
are one of the most important factors for an organization.
To be successful
, organizations must
on the
customers’ needs
. Through fulfilling customers’ demands and satisfying them, a company can achieve their goal easily. Because when a customer is
with the
products and services
of an organization, he/she becomes loyal to the
company’s product
and that leads him to repurchase it. But satisfying customers and creating long term relationship with them is very critical task. Among all of the banks operating in Bangladesh,

is one of the prominent commercial banks of Bangladesh. The bank has started
Primary Objectives

Secondary objectives

The primary objective of this report is to find out the customer satisfaction level of Dutch Bangla Bank Limited. To evaluate customers’ satisfaction level, four hypotheses are chosen. Hypotheses are:

1. Customers are satisfied with the ATM card service of DBBL.

2. Customers are satisfied with the DPS service of DBBL.

3. Customers are satisfied with the mobile banking system of DBBL.

4. Customer care department is efficient enough to solve different queries of the clients within shortest possible time.
Besides the primary objectives, secondary objectives are as follows:

1. To find out the common reasons of using ATM cards, types of problems customers’ faces and satisfaction level with DBBL ATM card service.
2. To learn the reasons behind opening DPS account at DBBL and customers satisfaction level on it.
3. To observe the awareness of the customers about the mobile banking service of DBBL.
4. To find out the overall situation of customer service department of DBBL.
Company background
Dutch Bangla Bank Limited (DBBL) is the first joint venture commercial bank of Bangladesh. DBBL was formed under the Bank Companies’ Act, 1991 and incorporated as a public limited company under the Company Act, 1994. The bank has started its official operation from
June 3, 1996
. The bank was the outcome of an effort by local shareholders lead by
M Sahabuddin Ahmed
(founder chairman) and
the Netherlands development finance company (FMO)
. DBBL is listed with the Dhaka stock exchange and Chittagong stock exchange from the year 2001.
DBBL has started its rapid growth from the year of 2000.
Over the years, Dutch Bangla Bank Limited playing an important role on Bangladesh’s financial sector and built itself as one of the pillars of Bangladesh's economic zone. The bank has strong network throughout the whole country with 145 branches, 2705 ATM booths and 365 first tracks.

"Dutch Bangla Bank engineer enterprise and creativity in business and industry with a commitment to social cause. “Profits alone” do not hold a central focus in the bank’s operation; because “man does not live by bread and butter alone”.

Dutch Bangla Bank dreams of better Bangladesh, where arts and letters, sports and athletics, music and entertainment, science and education, health and hygiene, clean and pollution free environment and above all a society based on morality and ethics make all our lives worth living. DBBL’s essence and ethos rest on a cosmos of creativity and the marvel-magic of a charmed life that abounds with spirit of life and adventures that contributes towards human development.

Core objectives

Dutch Bangla Bank believes in its uncompromising commitment to fulfill its customer needs & satisfaction and to become their first choice in banking. Taking cue from its pool of esteemed clientele, Dutch Bangla Bank intends to pave the way for a new era in banking that upholds and epitomizes its vaunted marquees “Your Trusted Partner”.

DBBL at a glance
***The Information are taken from DBBL annual report, 2014

Products and Services of DBBL
DBBL is a customer centric bank and it is really crucial to satisfy customers demand to achieve success in business. DBBL always gives priority to their clients and offer customers wide range of services to satisfy them and make their banking experience more enjoyable.

Dutch Bangla Bank limited offers different types
of services for their clients. Such as:
SME banking

DBBL provides loans to small and medium entrepreneurs like Wholesalers, Manufacturers, Assemblers and Retailers of machinery, Handicrafts. The maximum amount of loan they provide is taka 5, 00,000.
Internet banking
To log in into bank account from home, customer needs a PIN number given by the DBBL. Through internet banking customers can access their account details and can view the amount of current, saving & term deposit and loan account with current balance remaining.

Western union money transfer
Western union financial services Inc. is the reliable money transfer company throughout the world. On 14th February 2006, DBBL has set up a representative agreement with western unioin over 197 countries globally only by visiting any branch of DBBL. n financial services Inc. for sending money to friends and family worldwide. With the help of western union money transfer service it become easy for Bangladeshi wage earners to receive and send money to more than 2,25,000 western union agents located

Listed below are some agents of Western union in different countries:

ATM card services

DBBL is the market leader of ATM card service. They have 1,940 ATM booths and 153 first tracks throughout the country. They offer different types of ATM cards to its customers
Bill payment service
Customers of DBBL can pay their electricity bill, gas bill, phone/mobile bills, internet bill (Qubee & Banglalion) and other utility bills through the cheque of DBBL.

By operating SWIFT network and subscribing Reuters's terminal, DBBL is well set for treasury operation. They have also enough man power for efficient dealing.
DBBL’s treasury quotes competitive exchange rate for major currencies:
Spot Sale/Purchase
Forward Sale/Purchase
Money market Interbank & Corporate

Locker services:

DBBL also offer locker service to their clients. By giving specific amount of charge for a locker, one can maintain his own locker and can keep his important things securely.

SMS service
SMS alert service of DBBL is very helpful for the customers. Through this service customers receive messages when their account is debited or credited. So they are always updated with their account balance.

Mobile Banking
In Bangladesh, mobile banking service is first introduced by DBBL on May 31, 2011. Through mobile banking service customers can do banking activities without going to bank. In all over Bangladesh there are many DBBL mobile banking agent. It is secure way to do transaction because no one can deposit or withdraw money without that particular mobile number with check digit and pin number of the account holder.
Products and services of mobile banking:
Foreign remittance transfer
Salary disbursement
Balance inquiry
Statement inquiry
Withdrawal from ATM

Types of Deposit accounts

There are different types of deposit accounts with different types of terms and conditions in DBBL to cater various customer demands. Customers can open their accounts according to their choice and requirements.

Savings account
To open any kind of deposit account at DBBL things those are needed:
2 copy passport size photo of the person who want to open an account
Photocopy of National ID card/ driving license/ birth certificate (any one)
1 copy passport size photo of nominee
The features and benefits of savings account of DBBL are:

To open an account only 500 taka is needed
Account holder can deposit and withdraw money at any time they want
DBBL pays 4% interest
MICR cheque book is given
Instant debit card is given to the account holder when he opens the account
Any branch banking facility
Minimum service charge
Interest is payable on half yearly basis

Current account

Current account is an account where there is no restriction on number of transaction daily and no limit on withdrawal also. This account mainly opened by the businessmen who have regular transitions with banks. DBBL didn’t provide any interest for this account.
The features and benefits of current account of DBBL are:
Only 2,000 taka is needed to open an current account
There is no restriction on deposit and withdrawal money
Personalized MICR cheque is given
Any branch banking facility
Once in a year bank provides charge free statement to the account holder.

Salary account
This is a special package of savings account launched by DBBL only for those company’s employees with whom DBBL has a corporate agreement.
The features and benefits of salary account of DBBL are:
Account holder can withdraw full amount of money from his account
Minimum service charge is taken
Personalized MICR cheque is given
Instant debit card is given to the account holder when he opens the account

Student account
The features and benefits of student account of DBBL are:
To open an account only 500 taka is needed
Instant debit card is given to the account holder when he open the account
Yearly charge of debit card is not taken
No cheque book is given to the account holder
DBBL pays 3.50% interest on the deposit

Deposit plus scheme account (DPS)
DBBL offer DPS to those people who want to save a specific amount of money from their monthly income. Every month account holders deposit a specific amount of money which he initially chooses while opening the DPS account and after maturity of DPS, the bank will pay the principal amount along with the interest to the accountholder or the nominee.
The features and benefits of DPS account of DBBL are:
A customer can open maximum 5 DPS account in support of one Current/savings account.
A customer can open DPS account with minimum 500 taka and maximum 50000 taka.
DBBL pays 10.50 % interest (average).
No cheque book is given to the account holder.


DBBL Children Education Savings Scheme (CHESS account)  
DBBL offer CHESS account for the parents so that they can continue their children education cost easily.
The features and benefits of CHESS account of DBBL are:
Only individual customers having children can open this account.
A person cannot open more than two CHESS account
Only the account holder’s children can be nominated.
Monthly deposit starts from taka 500 to taka 50,000.
The amount initially chosen by the account holder at the time of opening account cannot be changed afterwards

Fixed Deposit Receipts (FDR)
DBBL offers customers to open account with a fixed amount of money for fixed period at a fixed rate of interest. Under FDR account money can be deposited for 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, 1 year or more than that. If the account holder withdraws deposited money before maturity then they don’t get the interest for the FDR.

The features and benefits of FDR account of DBBL
A high interest rate is given to the FDR account holder. For one month the interest rate is 11% and for 3/6/12 months and so on they give 12.50% interest. V
The account holders get loan facility against FDR account.
Automatic renewal facility at maturity

Millionaire Deposit Scheme (MDS)
Millionaire Deposit Scheme (MDS) account is a time specified monthly deposit scheme for clients where the deposited money will become millions on maturity.
The features and benefits of MDS account of are:
Individual customer can open maximum 3 MDS accounts.
Customers should open a parallel saving account/current account through which installment will be paid.
The minimum monthly deposit will be 4,718 taka.
Initial deposit account and tenure chosen by the account holder at the time of opening account and it cannot be changed after wards
Foreign currency deposit
DBBL offers foreign currency account to some specific categories of customers’ like- Bangladeshi nationals living abroad, foreign nationals living in Bangladesh, foreign firms registered abroad and operating in Bangladesh or abroad, and foreign missions and their expatriate employees in Bangladesh.
The features and benefits of foreign currency account of DBBL are:
DBBL pays interest on such accounts basis on the amount of money they maintain in the account.
Account holder can operate the account by himself or nominate any persons in Bangladesh for this purpose.

DBBL offers a wide range of loans for its clients. For example:
Loan against Trust Receipt
Consumer Credit Scheme
Loan against Accepted Bill
Industrial Term Loan
Agricultural Term Loan
Lease Finance
Loan against FDR
FMO Local currency Loan for SME
FMO Foreign currency Loan
Small Shop Financing Scheme

Loans and Advances
Life line
To sustain in the highly competitive world DBBL has launched life line products. It is a complete series of personal loan scheme which is essential for individual and family life. DBBL consider this product line in the following way.
“A complete series of personal credit facilities to add more color in every step of your life”
DBBL has divided the life line products into two parts. They are clean credit lines and secured credit lines.

Clean credit lines:
For this type of loan no cash security or personal guarantee is needed.
Health line
: health line loan is given for hospitalization and emergency medical needs or to buy body fitness equipment.
Education line
: this loan is given to students for higher education purpose like tuition fees, other educational purposes etc.
Professionals’ line
: provide this loan to purchase professional equipment or office renovation.
Marriage line
: marriage line loan is provided to meet marriage expenses or to budget for marriage.
Travel line
: travel line loan is given for family trip or honeymoon trip in abroad or in the country.
Festival line
: festival line is designed for enjoying the festival period and holidays  
Dreams comes true line
: this credit line is provided to those people who want to purchase TV, Fridge, Furniture, Home Theatre, Motor Cycle, AC etc or to decorate own Home/Car.
General line
: any other legitimate purposes which do not fall under the above specific lines.  

Secured credit lines:
Auto line: auto loan is given to purchase new and reconditioned vehicles for personal use only.
Home line: this loan is given to those who want to buy a new flat, renovate house, refinance of an own availed flat.  
DBBL foreign education line: this loan is given to help those students who want to study abroad.

Foreign remittance
Dutch Bangla Bank Limited provides excellent service for collection of remittance.
Remittance services provided by DBBL
Inward Remittance: Draft, TT
Outward Remittance: FDD, TT, TC, and Cash (FC)
Import Finance
DBBL helps importer to import products in such way:
Open import L/C for importers
Provides short term and medium term loans for installation of imported machineries
Payment against document

Foreign trade
CSR activities
DBBL spend annually 102 crore taka for giving scholarship to those meritorious students who didn’t have the ability to continue their education because of poverty or suffer from any physical disability. The scholarships are available for the different level of education like: H.S.C, M.Phil, PhD, and post doctoral.
DBBL has spent 43.7 million taka for cleft-lip and cleft-palate operation under ‘smile brighter’ program.
DBBL also spend a huge amount of money for cataract operation of underprivileged blind people.
DBBL also donates money in different non-profitable health organizations.
DBBL always stands beside those people who are affected by natural calamities like flood, tornado, river erosion, land slide by provides money, foods, clothes, medicine etc.
DBBL has donated Ganga-Jamuna Communication Limited 10, 50,000 taka which played an important role for constructive change of the people of our country.
DBBL donated 1, 30,000 pieces blankets for helping the distressed cold hit people.
DBBL also contribute in developing communication and road safety sectors.
One of the most valuable CSR activities of DBBL is they contribute for creating awareness on different social issues like:
i. One good child is enough, son or daughter
ii. Acid violence
iii. Drug addiction
iv. Importance of tree plantation
v. Stop demand for dowry

Customer satisfaction
Customer satisfaction is a business term which is the degree of satisfaction level provided by the goods and services of a company. It is a relative term which varies upon company’s internal and external factors. In brief, customer satisfaction isn’t only determined by company’s products and services but also by competitors’ products and services. For example: if a restaurant tries their level best to serve high quality foods for customers that isn’t enough; they have to serve better quality than competitors to earn highest customer satisfaction
Importance of customers’ satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is one of the most important elements of all marketing activities for commercial organization. The significance of customer satisfaction is as follows:
Satisfying customers is needed to expand the business and gain a higher market share.
To earn profit customer satisfaction is very important.
Customer satisfaction has a significant effect on employees’ salary.
Customer satisfaction also builds a positive image and increases the brand value of the firm.
Customer satisfaction helps a company to achieve its goal and earn reputation.

Parameters used to measure customers’ satisfaction level
Measuring customers’ satisfaction is a complex process. It varies depending on the nature and product of the organization. But there are few popular ways to measure it.
Face to face interview
: In this type of interview respondents are interviewed face to face in their home, office or any other places.

Online survey
: Questionnaires are given to the different familiar site and when people visit those sites they get the questionnaire form.

Interview over telephone
: On telephone interview process interviewer call people randomly from the telephone book and ask them a series of questions.

Questionnaire survey
: Questionnaires are usually paper-and-pencil instruments that the respondent completes which are provided by the interviewer.
Drop-Coin system
: A coin is given to customer at the point of service by the employee of the organization and customer is entitled to drop that coin into one of the following boxes:
o Satisfied o Neutral o Unsatisfied
Trend analysis from company’s sales
: Customer satisfaction level can be determined from the increase or decrease trend of sales also.

Analysis from Customer loyalty & retention rate
: From the brand value, customer satisfaction level can be estimated.

Tools to ensure customers’ satisfaction level

To satisfy the customers, organizations continuously try to improve the quality of products and services. They also check customers’ satisfaction level over time by monitoring and surveying. Tools that are used to ensure customers satisfaction are:
High quality products and services

Providing quality products is very important to continue business in long run because customers never accept low quality products.
Delivery of the product and service on time
Delivery of products and services on time is one of the important tools to satisfy the customers..
Information transparency
It is very important for an organization to provide enough information to their clients about the products and services they offer. They should disclose accurate information to the customers.
Fair treatment

Employees should treat every customer fairly. They should not bias with those customers who are their known person or relative. Because if they are biased with some customers then it will create negative attitude on other customers mind.
Customers always want the service in right time. Sometimes it may happen that because of delayed delivery, product becomes obsolete to customer.

Importance of measuring customers’ satisfaction level

By measuring customer satisfaction level, organizations can understand customers’ preference and take actions.
When organization identifies the contributing factors of customer satisfaction then they can improvise the satisfaction level more.
After analyzing the data, organization can understand which features should change and which features should add to attract the customers. So measuring customer satisfaction ensures customer friendly business strategy and product design.
Through qualitative research, organization can get brief idea about the perception of a customer about a particular product.
It also gives idea about how to serve the vulnerable customers who are hard to reach.
Overall measuring customer satisfaction level helps an organization to improvise its business and the improvisation has direct impact on organization’s profitability.

Tools used by DBBL to satisfy their customers

DBBL is a customer focused bank. The management of DBBL strives to give their customers comfortable banking experience by implementing unique and customer friendly policies. Those are:
: DBBL has 111 branches, 1940 ATM booths and 153 first tracks throughout Bangladesh. DBBL has the highest number of ATM booths because they want to ensure the customers banking facility any time anywhere.

: DBBL tries to meet the customer needs within shortest possible time. When any customer come to a branch for any sought of problem like need urgent cheque book or new ATM card.

: DBBL also facilitates the customers with a dedicated hotline number to assist on any kind of banking related problems.

Special service
: DBBL provides special kind of service for this kind of migrants, under this special consideration; client can withdraw Cheque book or ATM card from the nearest branch he lives.

Evening banking facility
: Some of DBBL branches provide evening banking facility. But this kind of facility is only available to busy business areas where customers have transaction needs on evening hours also.

Fair treatment
: It is mandatory that for all the employees of DBBL to treat any client in professional manner. Every branch also has a complain box where customers can write about their dissatisfaction about customer service.

Findings and Analysis
The four areas concerned to the hypotheses are,
DBBL ATM service
DBBL deposit plus scheme (DPS)
DBBL mobile banking
DBBL customer care
As mentioned before, this survey was done by randomly choosing 30 customers. Among them 18 were male and 12 were female
Hypothesis One
“Customers are satisfied with the ATM card service of DBBL.”
To justify this hypothesis and to get interrelated customer opinion, some ATM card related questions were asked to the customers. Presented below are the findings from customer survey and the analysis from their opinion.

Question 1: “What kind of ATM card you use for transaction?”
In response customers has given mixed opinion as given below

Question 2: “Why do you use ATM card mostly?”

To find out the general purpose of using ATM card, this question was asked to the customers and their response summarized in the following table:

Question 3: “Which kind of problem you face mostly on ATM booth?”
To know whether customers face problems on ATM booths or not and to identify pattern of the problems faced, above question was asked to the customers and the response was:
Question 4: “According to you, what can be the reason behind these kinds of problem?”
By asking this question, it has been tried to find out what reasons customers think for occur the mentioned problem on ATM booths. And customers’ views were as follows:

Question 5: “How satisfied you are with the DBBL ATM card charges and costs?”

Customers satisfaction level were as follows,

Question6: “Please rate your satisfaction level with DBBL ATM card facility.”
Clients opinion were as the following in response to this question,

Justification of Hypothesis One
From the above findings and analysis, it can say that majority of the DBBL clients are satisfied with the ATM card service. So hypothesis one is true.
If I breakdown the question number six findings as it is directly related to hypothesis one into opinion of male and female customers, then the satisfaction rating will be like the following,
Hypothesis Two
“Customers are satisfied with the DPS service of DBBL”
To justify this hypothesis and to get interrelated customer opinion, some DPS related questions were asked to the randomly chosen customers. Presented below are the findings derived from customer survey and analysis from their given opinion

Question 7: “Do you have Deposit plus scheme (DPS) in DBBL?”
The opinion of customers on above question was as follows:

Question 8: “Why you have preferred opening DPS in DBBL over other banks?”
To find out the reason behind opening DPS in DBBL, following question is asked to the customers and their response summarized in the following table:

Question 9: “How satisfied you are with the interest rate of DPS?”
To measure customers’ satisfaction level with the bank’s given interest rate, this question is asked to the customers and their opinions were as the following in response to this question:
Question 10: “How likely would you be to recommend others to open DPS account at DBBL?”
Clients’ opinions were as the following in response to this question:
Justification of Hypothesis Two
Listed below are some banks DPS rates; one thing you will notice here that each bank have different name for its DPS like account, its only to attract customer but the main principle of DPS accounts is followed by all the mentioned banks :

Hypothesis Three
“Customers are satisfied with the mobile banking system of DBBL.”
To justify this hypothesis and to identify customer view towards this new banking system, I have asked customers some mobile banking related questions. Presented below are the findings derived from customer survey and my analysis from their given opinion.

Question 11: “Do you have mobile banking account at DBBL?”
To know how many people have mobile banking account at DBBL and to draw an idea about acceptance of this new way of banking, above question was asked to the customers and their response was like:

Question 12: “Are the instructions or process of mobile banking are clear to you?”
To assume the level of customer awareness about the process of mobile banking system, we asked this question and the opinion of 12 customers who have mobile banking account were as follows:
Question 13: “From the following, which kind of problem you face mostly on mobile banking?”
By asking this question, it is tried to find out what types of problems customers faces with mobile banking system. And customers’ views were as follows:

Findings and Analysis
Question 14: “Please rate your satisfaction level with DBBL Mobile banking system.”

Clients opinion were as the following in response to this question:

Question 15: “How likely would you recommend other to open mobile banking account at DBBL?”
Clients opinion were as the following in response to this question,

Justification of Hypothesis Three
Question number 14 was directly related to hypothesis three and from the mentioned findings we have seen majority of customers are satisfied with mobile banking of DBBL, as they find it convenient enough so greater part of current mobile banking account holders are willing to recommend others to open account also. Therefore hypothesis three is true.
Hypothesis Four
“Customer care department is efficient enough to solve different queries of the clients within shortest possible time.”
To justify the above hypothesis and to identify customer satisfaction level in terms of service quality of DBBL customer care, some customer care related questions were asked to the customers. Presented below are the findings derived from customer survey and analysis from their given answer.

Question 16: “What is your average waiting time on customer care to get solution of your problem?”
The average waiting period of customers at DBBL are:

Question 17: “For which kind of problem you require customer care help mostly?”
Clients opinion were as the following in response to this question:

Question 18: “How you would like to rate the customer care service quality of DBBL?”
Clients’ opinions were as the following in response to the question on service quality of DBBL.
Question 19: “According to you, how can DBBL improve the customer care service quality?”
Clients’ recommendations were as the following in response to the question on improving customer care service of DBBL:

Justification of Hypothesis Four
In the above analysis about customer care of DBBL, we have shown customers average waiting time for service, why they mostly come to customer care, ways to improve service quality and most importantly customers satisfaction level on the services given. Most of the customers are satisfied with the service of customer care, they are satisfied because DBBL customer care department is efficient enough to solve queries of the clients within shortest possible time and employees are very helpful. So Hypothesis four is true.


Dutch Bangla Bank Limited should upgrade the machines on ATM booths. Most of the customers come to complain about ATM booth problems. So they should give more concern on ATM booths problems like fund unavailability, network problem, power failure and solve these sought of problems as soon as possible.
The Management of DBBL should increase the number of employees. Compare to the customers, the number of employees is not sufficient. So at the pick hour employees couldn’t give quality service to the customers and customers have to wait for long time to get their service which may affect the reputation of DBBL.
There should be a policy about after how many days DBBL should change its DPS rate, frequently changes in rate creates confusion in customer mind.
In this competition based world to be a successful and profitable every organization should try their level best to satisfy their customers. If and only if customers are satisfied with the products and services of any company then they can survive in this competitive world of business. Though Dutch Bangla Bank Limited is one of the potential banks in the banking sector and they are doing quite good but if they want to maintain a strong position among all the commercial banks running in Bangladesh then they must emphasize more on continuous improvement of the service to satisfy their valuable customers.
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