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Deciding About CPR and DNR

No description

Amy O S

on 19 June 2017

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Transcript of Deciding About CPR and DNR

Thank You!
Approximately, "2-3% of all patients admitted to the hospital will have cardiac arrest

This presentation is meant to:
Educate you about the Advance Care Planning Order for CPR/DNR.

Given the current population in Peterborough and the surrounding areas, this is and will continue to be an important issue for our patients and one that may be sensitive to bring up for patients and families
Presentation will cover:
How it affects your daily practice
Time requirements
What you have to do
Have the conversations
Key message that you should be communicating to patients about the CPR/DNR advance care planning order
What we do now
Up until recently there has been no standard process in place to identify patients who had advanced care planning orders for CPR/DNR

Most documentation about patient's wishes for CPR/DNR were done in the progress notes of patient's chart, but with little detail

This new order allows for a standard process across the hospital and better documentation to ensure the patients wishes are respected
What does the research say about CPR
What kind of support do you need to make this happen?
My Promise to you is....
Key Messages for PRHC Healthcare Providers
Deciding About CPR and DNR
To keep it short!
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