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Hot Topic Presentation

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Amanda Murphy

on 6 November 2012

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Transcript of Hot Topic Presentation

Hot Topic Presentation The Issue: Most wanted drug lord in Mexico - killed in a
shootout October 7th, 2012

$2 million bounty

"The Executioner"

Many rumors he had been killed before Most Mexicans doubt the death of "The Lazca"

41% don't believe he died in battle with Mexican Navy

33% unsure whether to believe version police released Yucatan Paper Questions If you were in Mexico, how would you have reacted to the death of Lazcano? Would you believe the government?

If you were the Mexican president how would you raise morale in Mexico regarding the War on Drugs? Amanda Greenspan
Amanda Murphy
SeungHyun Yoon
JungYoon Park Heriberto Lazcano Lazcano (introduction) 47% - believe violence will remain the same in Mexico
31% - believe violence will increase
11% - believe violence will decrease
12% - unsure Vocabulary Drug Cartel - an illicit cartel formed to control the production and distribution of narcotic drugs; "drug cartels sometimes finance terrorist organizations" Las Zetas - a powerful and violent criminal syndicate in Mexico, and is considered by the U.S. government to be the "most technologically advanced, sophisticated, and dangerous cartel operating in Mexico. "El Lazca" - nickname for Lazcano "El Verdugo" - nickname meaning "the Executioner" (given for his brutal torture methods) U.S. Paper Mostly quotes from international press such as AP.

Mostly focuses on the fact that the leader was killed.

In the last part, the article talks about current president and some forecast. Culture Connection High Uncertainty Avoidance -
Korea and Mexico ranked 17th, 18th Mexican's attitdue of being afraid whether the new Mexican president would
secretly support the druglords, as his political party did in the past, which can be seen as the desire for law and order. Low Uncertainty Avoidance - U.S. ranked 43 Korean Paper Similarities and Differences Both U.S., Korea, Mexico agreed on the facts of the news. However, Korea – Objective view; views the occasion as a 3rd party. Mexico – Argues on the views on the new president U.S. – Looks down on Mexico Mexican president not clear on plans for drugs

decreasing morale

No word on Lazcano's body Mexico's War on Drugs & how the rest of the world views it
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