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Solar Energy

No description

Anna Haller

on 23 April 2015

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Transcript of Solar Energy

Solar Energy in America

Eric Mittauer, Anthony Niemiec, Anna Haller
Problem Statement
Background Information
Problems with Current Energy
Problems with Solar Energy
Possible Solutions
Our Solutions
Currently provides 3/10 of 1% of America's energy
Two types - Photovoltaic (small scale) or Concentrated solar (large scale)
Completely green energy source - no byproducts produced
Average costs of solar installation between $15,000 and $29,000
Current photovoltaic cells operate at 11-15% efficiency
Systems more practical in areas such as American Southwest

Inconsistent sunlight

Storage impractical

Current legislation (influenced by utility companies) makes
Continue lowering costs of solar power
Tax rebates for solar energy installation
Dismantle legislation making solar installation difficult
Fund research to improve PV cells
More efficient energy conversion
Cheaper production and installlation
Must make Solar Energy Viable and Attractive
Improve solar energy technology
Fund further research
Focus on new PV materials
Improve photovoltaic cells so that:
They are more efficient in converting sunlight to energy
They are cheaper to install and maintain

Make Solar Energy Viable at Home
Offer rebates to lower costs of installation
Implement/correct existing legistiona to make solar energy more viable for domestic use
Place restrictions on coal use ot stimulate home grown energy solutions

Coal is largest contributor of global warming
Coal fired plants responsible for 83% of CO2 emissions since 1990
Pollution from coal-fired power plants causes approximately 30,000 deaths per year in America
Fossil fuels are quickly running out
Renewable energy sources are necessary
Coal mining is very destructive
Acid mine runoff poisons waterways and wildlife
Particulate pollution causes numerous health problems
Mountain-top removal destroys ecosystem services
How can America incorporate solar energy into the current infrastructure in order to:
produce cheaper domestic energy
reduce carbon emissions/environmental damage
82% of current US energy demand is met by fossil fuels
Coal accounts for 40% of electricity generation
Large-scale solar power plants require massive space
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