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Thalia Morales

No description

Susan Baker

on 11 May 2018

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Transcript of Thalia Morales

Thalia Morales

Information and facts about
The Nuer Tribe

The Flag Of South Sudan
The black represents the black people who live in South Sudan
White represents peace
Red represents the blood of the gallant freedom and the justice leaders lost in conflict
Green represents agriculture potential
Blue represents the Nile River
The star represents the unity of the states of Southern Sudan
When your childhood turns in to your adulthood
they only have temporary homes
meals are eaten on large communal trays with very large amounts of meat vegtables salad and sauce dishes too

The Nuer has had a conflict with the Dinka for over the past 40 years over which tribe gets more land

The women use wrap around clothes, and beads. The men wear loose fitted robes
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