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Capstone Project

No description

lanasia bullock

on 23 January 2015

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Transcript of Capstone Project

Definition Of Stereotype
The definition of a stereotype is( quoted from (www.google.com) "A widely held but fixed and oversimplified image or idea from a person or thing.
Capstone project
by Lanasia Bullock, Honesty Sweeten, and Essence Childs.

Have you ever been stereotyped?
No. We haven't have been stereotyped before, but we know a lot of other people have.
What stereotypes people might have about the Middle East?
"Iraq worshiped the devil". This is a example of a stereotype. Many people think that.
What stereotypes might people have about Africa?
Many people think that Africa is violent,poor,and that Africa has safari animals. These are examples of stereotypes. This is how people judge Africa. Do you think these things are really true?
Have you ever stereotyped other people?
Yes we have stereotyped other people. It was at our old school South Avondale. What happened was that she kept on talking about us so we said that '' you can't be talking because you don't have no friends because you always talking about people so thats why nobody like you and always bullying you.
6th Grade Capstone Driving Question 2
A single example can never prove that something is always correct, but sometimes a single example can disprove something." Apply this scientific thinking to our studies of a country in the Middle East today or Africa today. How can this concept help us to better understand the many cultures in those regions?
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