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An explanation of GoAnimate.com

Hannah Imhoff

on 28 November 2012

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Transcript of GoAnimate

GoAnimate BUT HOW DO I USE IT? Goanimate is a website where you can make animated movies - for Free! You also can share your videos and earn GoPoints and badges for what you make! Plus its tutorials and help videos makes it very easy. Go to GoAnimate.com First In order to register scroll down to view the different options. Second if you click on the for fun option you will see that you have the choice between Basic an GoPlus Next After choosing you type
of account, you have to give
them information about yourself
(your email and what you want
for a username and password) Next After filling out the form you can start making movies now! Then What is it really like? Pros and Cons What is GoAnimate? There are three options for an account; one for fun, for schools, and one for business. There are a lot of options, but in order to use the website you have to register *NOTE* The Business and teacher option costs a monthly fee and is designed for teachers and business workers. We will be looking at the free personal option throughout the rest of the presentation Go plus is 4.50 a month and offers a bit more than basic; if you want it for free click the basic click "make a video" to get started or to view others' work click explore Training Pro- GoAnimate has really nice training, and it tells you what to do in order to get you started and helps you while you are making your first video. Templates Pro- One thing that makes it easy is they have templates. Each video starts out in the basic form of whatever genre of video you start to make so you never have to start from scratch Con- Once you complete the training you can't access it again. Con- Although it is easy, one thing that is a part of the template is the characters and the setting, and the free version doesn't allow you to create either and the short videos are strictly within the template given for the situation. Ease Pro- it really is easy, and even though you can't receive the training twice there are help videos, forums, and tips provided. ( no con) Tools Pro- all the tools you need to make the movie are easily accessible and easy to understand (no con) My Over-All Con the program is easy but there are some problems with how the site is pushing you to buy the GoPlus. There are not really a lot of options for the free users and that makes the site limited ONLY 4?1 In the Past.... Technology People would have to draw and edit or digitally create every part of their characters, scenery, add voice overs: we would have to pretty much do the whole thing piece by piece. animation used to be a place only reached by those skilled with a computer or those who animated as a job. It was hard and only used for movies. Now..... Ordinary people are able to access the tools of animation and it are able to apply it to their needs like projects for school and or presentations for work. And Into the Future..... Now that this is developed we can go farther. The animations could be could enhanced and the graphics could become three dimensional. i think once the site becomes more popular it will start to be used in education more, and kids can use it for projects and teachers for lessons. My Opinion I really liked GoAnimate. It was really fun trying it out for the first time and i think it is just fun in general. By: Hannah Imhoff Lauren Abrecht My Opinion I will use it again if the opportunity arises and i recommend it to all of you. The only thing i really didn't like how the free version doesn't provide many options My Opinion I don't like how the site pressures you to buy GoPlus. Hopefully that will change in the future, but regardless i find GoAnimate entertaining and I think you should try it out.
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