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Anne Frank

No description

Miruna Dragomir

on 8 April 2015

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Transcript of Anne Frank

The Diary of a Young Girl
Written By: Anne Frank
Presentation by: Miruna Dragomir
This book is the diary of Anne Frank, a Jewish girl who lived during World War II.
Anne Frank, together with her parents and her older sister left Germany and moved to Amsterdam to escape the Nazis' persecution.
The Anti-Semitic movement spread to Amsterdam as the Nazis occupied Netherlands, and Anne and her family had to eventually go into hiding.
In her diary, Anne wrote about her life in hiding. She included all of the aspects of her life; the good and the bad. She wrote about the conflicts she had with her companions, their precarious lifestyle, and her intrapersonal conflicts as a teenager who was just discovering the world and herself.

The Frank family’s house is located in Amsterdam
This was the setting for a few weeks in Anne’s diary, before they went into hiding.
A regular, middle-class house
Children went to school at a nearby Jewish Lyceum
Anne does not tell the readers very much about the city, other than the restrictions for Jews which include:
Not being allowed to use bicycles or streetcars for transportation
A curfew of 8:00 pm
Wearing a yellow star to signify that they are Jews
Not being allowed to go to any Christian-operated facilities, such as stores, barber shops and restaurants.

First Setting - The Franks' House
Main Setting - The Secret Annex
An addition to a house in Amsterdam
The main characters’ hiding place
Otto Frank’s and Mr. van Daan’s workplace
The Secret Annex occupants lived on top of the Gies & Co. warehouse, which was the first floor of the annex.
Anne describes the Secret Annex very well in her diary:

The entrance to the Secret Annex is hidden by a bookcase placed over a door on the second-floor of the house.
The first floor of the Secret Annex houses the Frank family (Otto, Margot and Edith Frank’s bedroom and living room; Anne Frank and Dussel’s room; shared bathroom)
The second floor houses the Van Daan family (Mr. and Mrs. Van Daan’s bedroom, Peter van Daan’s bedroom) and holds the general kitchen and dining room.
The attic is the storage room, and Anne would often go there to look out of the window.
The Frank Family
Anne Frank:
Main character
A chatty, independent, restless, moody young girl with big dreams
Loves to read and write, is passionate for genealogical charts and Greek Mythology, loves nature
Likes to be her own boss, judges others but hates being judged
Otto Frank:
Anne’s father, referred to as Pim or Father
Very kind, well-mannered man. He was originally revered by Anne, but she grew less attached to him as she grew more independent. He is loved by all of the residents in the Secret Annex.
Margot Frank:
Anne’s older sister (by three years)
Very intelligent, reserved girl; used as a model for Anne by the adults
Edith Frank:
Anne’s mother, referred to as Momsy or Mother
Did not have a very good relationship with Anne as she was usually scolding Anne and laughing at her. However, she defended Anne from the van Daans’ scoldings.
The van Daan Family
Peter van Daan:
Anne’s lover for the last part of her diary.
Actual name is Peter van Pels
A sweet, shy and optimistic boy.
Mr. van Daan:
Mr. Frank’s work colleague
Actual name: Hermann van Pels
A smart, well bred, somewhat severe person
Not talked about much in Anne’s diary
Petronella van Daan:
Anne’s least favorite resident in the Annex
Actual name: Auguste van Pels
A very temperamental, coquettish woman. While being very pushy and somewhat selfish, she insists that she is the most modest Annex resident.
Mr. Dussel
Anne’s roommate, resident dentist
Actual name: Fritz Pfeffer
He is a petty, vengeful man. However, he is an intelligent person, and he takes care of the Annex residents’ teeth.
Anne did not like him as a roommate.
First Year (1942-1943)
Anne receives the diary on her thirteenth birthday (June 12)
Anne’s sister Margot is summoned to a concentration camp less than a month after Anne starts her diary (July 8)
The Frank family goes into hiding on July 9th
The three van Daans join the Franks in hiding on July 13th
The eighth person, Mr. Dussel, joins the Annex residents on November 17th
Anne and the other Annex residents can hear the gunfire and bombs outside. The war starts to intensify. (1943)
Second Year (1943-1944)
Anne grows out of her clothes, but the Franks cannot afford to buy new ones.
She is torn between her desire to live a normal life, like any other girl of her age, and her guilt of living a better life than most Jews.
Anne becomes lonely and despondent.
She finds companionship with Peter van Daan, and they start to have a relationship. (1944)
Anne matures very rapidly, both physically and mentally.
Anne’s last entry is on August 1st, 1944. She discusses her two sides, and she is very sad.
The residents in the Annex are discovered and deported three days later. Each family is separated and moved to different concentration camps. The only person to survive the war is Otto Frank, Anne’s father.
The dominant point of view is first-person.
Anne writes about her feelings and experiences, mostly from her perspective.
Third-person is sometimes used when Anne narrates the actions of others, or when she is narrating her own actions for more effect.
Because this book is the author's diary, the moods vary, from anger to sadness to joy.
The general mood is slightly sorrowful, or bittersweet. Anne is happy to be alive and to live in relative comfort, but she longs for a normal life, with normal problems. She misses having friends, school and being able to go outside.
The Author's Purpose
Anne’s original purpose for keeping her diary was to have someone to confide in. Even though she had many friends, she always felt alone. As Anne says, “paper is more patient than people.”
In 1944, Anne heard a radio broadcast saying that any diaries, journals or letters made by Jews during the war would be collected to express the Jews’ suffering.
After hearing that broadcast, Anne’s purpose for keeping a diary changed from confiding in the diary to writing about her life in hiding.

In this book, Anne discovers how she grew in mind and body in her journey from childhood to adolescence.
The Horrors Of War
Anne tells the true story of a family of Jews in World War II
She describes her life in hiding, both the good and the bad aspects:
Good: She states many times how fortunate she was to be in hiding, while other Jews were suffering and dying in concentration camps.
Bad: She was frustrated at never being able to go outside, and spending all of her time with people that she did not like.
Anne feels very lonely, even when she is surrounded by people.
She talks about loneliness more at the end of the diary, as she gets older.
Inner vs. Outer Selves
Anne is always in conflict with her two personalities, especially after she falls in love with Peter, and her second personality shows itself more.
Her two personalities are:
The more common “Outer Anne” who is noisy, outgoing and mercurial
The elusive “Inner Anne” who is sweet, affectionate, shy and well-mannered
Mr. Dussel

The Secret Annex - Back
The Secret Annex - Front
Background: http://fc02.deviantart.net/fs71/f/2015/048/9/4/diary_of_anne_frank_dvd_cover_by_wario64i-d8iexol.png
Lined Paper: http://image.naldzgraphics.net/2012/08/8-Old.jpg
Crumpled Paper: http://fc02.deviantart.net/fs28/i/2008/131/7/8/Crumpled_white_paper_texture_by_melemel.jpg
Anne: http://d.gr-assets.com/authors/1343271406p5/3720.jpg
Margot: http://www.annefrank.org/ImageVault/Images/id_5178/height_340/width_340/aspectRatio_1/compressionQuality_80/scope_0/ImageVaultHandler.aspx
Mrs. Frank: http://www.annefrank.org/ImageVault/Images/id_4958/height_340/width_340/aspectRatio_1/compressionQuality_80/scope_0/ImageVaultHandler.aspx
Mr. Frank: http://www-tc.pbs.org/wgbh/masterpiece/annefrank/images/char_lg_otto.jpg
Van Daan Family: http://c85c7a.medialib.glogster.com/media/68/68aae3fb78ba9ca3ac9ddc41a74d601125165ad37da4cae0946d9e770eb150a2/dutch12-jpg.jpg
Mr. Dussel: http://c3e308.medialib.glogster.com/media/80/804f97237cb85b5749a0118c2b6cc0d9271a9c15a2aa6f1ca58f2dba71a129d2/dussel-jpg.jpg
Mr. van Daan: http://www.annefrank.org/ImageVault/Images/id_792/height_220/width_220/aspectRatio_1/conversionFormatType_Jpeg/compressionQuality_80/scope_0/ImageVaultHandler.aspx
Annex Back: http://www.annefrankguide.net/en-US/content/achterkant-achterhuis-a-fot.jpg
Annex Front: http://www.annefrank.org/upload/Thematische%20verhalen/thema_prinsengracht%20voor.jpg
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