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The American Presidency

The Right to Vote - Media

Jonatan Yucra

on 23 April 2010

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Transcript of The American Presidency

Idea #1 The Right To Vote
The Constitution did not specify
who had the right to vote. Women, african americans,
and young adults were affected by this. These laws did not
change until many dacades later.
Idea #2
Print Media
Newspapers were the main source of media used
by presidents to reach out to their audience
prior to the invention of the radio and TV.

Throughout the history of the American presidency many different types of media were used to communicate.
Stump Speeches Before the invention of the radio
presidents had to give out their speeches
orally. This increased their popular
support, but greatly limited the size of the
audience. Newsreels
Putting speeches up on
movie theaters became a popular choice
for presidents after the birth
of motion picture. Radio
In the very beggining of the 20th century
presidents started recording speeches
on wax cylinders that could be distributed
and listened to by others later. Once 1940
came home radios all around the country
were the most used form of communication,
because of their ability to transmit
live signals. Television
A decade after home radios
came along television gained popularity
among presidential candidates. It is still
a key source of communication to this
day. Internet
Today there is another
form of communication which has
risen in popularity, the internet.
It is very easily accessible
and can do everything most of the
other forms of cummincation can. The Right to Vote - Media
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