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Selling a product on Etsy

No description

Luis-Edward Lopez

on 24 October 2014

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Transcript of Selling a product on Etsy

To set up and account you can Register on the top right corner of the website.
Put in your information and create a log in.
After registering, you can edit your profile and add the rest of the information about your independent business.
One year has past since Jessica sold her first shirt on Etsy.com

It is now time to purchase a retail location for both "walk-in" sales and inventory storage.

She decides to open up shop at SanTan Village in quaint location near the food court.

Customer Service Policies.
• Processing and shipping times need to be honored.
• Explain your shop policies accurately to avoid customer complaints.

Respond to customer problems and issues in a timely manner.
Legal Responsibilities and Limitations:
This space did not come cheap but will assist jessica in the bold move to expand towards retail customers.
One of the hardest parts of opening a business from the bottom is the building process.
Appearance, competition, supply, and perception are all important factors that have to be addressed.
Jessica's staff are stricken with worry that this business decision was too risky and too expensive.
It's not the best time to buy property in a shopping mall because of the costs to maintain business and the recent downturn of customers.
Despite backlash, Jessica decides to carry on and build a store that competes with to big boys in terms of price, quality, and perception

-Not all customer complaints are legitimate

-Investigations are necessary to determine where the error occurred

-Identified Errors serve as a references for problem solving

-In this instance Jessica needs to work on her freight services

-Civility, humility and transparency must be maintained throughout the process

-It is important to identify solutions that work best for varying pools of clientele

-Providing options is a flexible way of dealing with customer complaints

-Offering compensation/rewards increases the chances of retaining customers

-Ensure a smooth process for returns or refunds

Once Jessica has started selling her custom made t-shirts on Etsy.com, she receives a customer complaint. The customer’s complaint is that she received her t-shirt damaged.

Jessica questions the customer on the amount of damage and where she determined how the t-shirt was damaged. The customer responds, sending her pictures in an email. The t-shirt appears to be bleached.

Jessica does as much background research she can on the buyer, determines, and determines that the customer’s complaint is legitimate. The t-shirt was actually thwarted by leaking bleach products whilst in transit.

Every independent business should maintain a transparent shop where you represent your business and yourself accurately.

Every item in their shop needs to fall under one of the three categories.

Items must be accurately listed with picture so customers or viewers can write reviews and comments.

Prohibited items like alcohol, tobacco, weapons etc cannot be sold.

Dear Evangelista Chicheko,

In light of your recent negative experience with our product, I would like to offer my most sincere apologies. Our prime focus is customer satisfaction and creating lasting relationships. We realize our shortfall and value our relationship with you.

I would like to offer you the option of receiving a full refund or a new t-shirt. To ensure that the process is quick and hassle free, we will use express ground shipping.

In addition, please accept our VIP membership which qualifies you for a 10% discount with every purchase. We sincerely regret any inconveniences caused.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns.


Jessica Anderson
Sample Email
1. Listing fees (new or renual)- $0.20 USD

2. Transaction fees- 3.5% of the item price.
3. Shipping and Advertising fees may vary.

-The first thing to do is apologize to the customer

-An apology may foster understanding between the customer and the seller

-Apologizing to a customer because of a negative experience reduces the chances of a customer shunning your products

-Appropriate language should be used in order to show sincerity

-Polite apology
Method of communication

-Jessica should ensure that the customer receives the message

-An appropriate method of communication should be established and the etiquette rules of the method must be observed

-In Jessica's case, she sells her products online, therefore electronic mail is likely to be the best method of communication

-The chosen method should be quick to avoid stretching the customer's patience
Return Policy
In the event that you are dissatisfied with the condition of our product, you may return the product within 30 business days for exchange or refund. You may be asked to briefly describe the problem so that we can offer you the best service that you deserve. There will be free shipping on returns. Please email isusu@gmail.com or call (678) 999 8212 if you have questions or queries. The shipping address for returns is as follows:

5662 Stortford Road, Tynwald Plots, Tempe AZ, 85281

We hope to meet your expectations.
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