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Hey hey hey hey this prezi sux


Sara Rokicki

on 30 January 2013

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Transcript of Hey hey hey hey this prezi sux

Media Plan Presentation Slide Scheduling and Timing 9 spot markets
26% of media budget is spot markets
Remaining 74% of budget is national Geography Objective Using Urban Park Development will both raise brand awareness and improve brand image.
Held in June will allow for pulsing
Also Allows Glidden to demonstrate the products during the designing of the park. Public Relations 5k event for Urban Park Development in spot markets
Raise donations and match (up to $100,000)
66.6% of consumers will switch brands to support a cause or charity (Ad-Ology)
36% of consumers want companies to focus on issues that improve local quality of life (Cone/Echo Global Study) Public Relations Multiple locations of the QR code will give a higher reach
In store displays will gather attention and show quality of product
In store displays allow for reduced costs as the consumer is already in Walmart
In store display will launch in August for pulsing Sales Promotion and Direct Marketing $5 off a gallon coupon
Distribution: QR codes through social media, print ad’s and in store display
91% of consumers use social media (Digital Marketer)
41 million use cell phones for shopping (Digital Marketer)
29% of shoppers impulsively buy from unplanned categories when they enter a store (OgilvyAction) Sales Promotion and Direct Marketing This medium will be used in the form of:
Air advertisements in cinemas within the nine spot markets. Particularly the romantic-comedy and drama genres.
Large Glidden displays will be set up inside Walmart’s across the nation during the month of August. Out-of-Home TV spots will be aired during shows that are targeted to DIYers working on home improvement and repair projects.
TV spots on HGTV (Home & Garden Television) Cable Television Radio spots determined by time spots with the highest percent of listeners (Women 18+)
6-10 AM (40.60%)
10 AM -3 PM (43.50%)
3-7 PM (42.50%)
Also determined by target audiences top genres
Rhythmic, Classic Rock, & Oldies Media Mix- Radio Adology Report- Chain Store Shoppers:
Eager to paint/remodel
Chain shoppers prefer DIY projects Target Audience- Psychographics SWOT Analysis Glidden has struggled in the past with their image.
Previous campaigns.
Glidden’s main goal Product Ad-ology Industry Marketing Insights “Paint and Wall Covering Stores in all U.S. Markets” 2012/1013.
"Media: Market Research Reports." Media Market Research Reports: Media Industry Analysis. N.p., n.d. Web. 28 Nov. 2012.
"Case Study & Policies and Procedures."NSAC 2012
"Home Ratings- Studies." J.D. Power and Associates. 28 Nov 2012. <http://www.jdpower.com/consumer-ratings/homes/index.htm>.
Advertising RedBooks. 2012 http://www.redbooks.com/ Partial Resources Cognitive (Awareness)
Quick Response (QR) Codes

Affective (Attitude)
Focus groups executed in first quarter of campaign to give qualitative data from the consumers.
Example Questions include:
When you’re thinking about painting a room, where do you start?
Have you ever bought paint at Walmart?

Conative (Action)
Past, Present and Future sales will be tracked to get an idea of how the campaign will reach consumers compared to surrounding years. Evaluation The Media Schedule accumulated 1,225.53 GRPs throughout the course of the campaign based on the determined effective reach and frequency of 70-80 and +2.4 respectively.
The total cost of this campaign is $9,834,300 with a spot contingency of $100,000 to cover the donations to Urban Park Development during the 5k event Glidden and Walmart sponsored in June. Media Schedule Launch in May of 2014
Pulse in June and August to gain 265.28 GRPs and 341.2 GRPs
5k event
Spending will be moderate in July to save funds and allow for larger, final pulse in August.
Internet spending reduced in July to implement out-of-home media.
Moderate levels will be restored for remainder of campaign- set to end in September of 2014. Scheduling and Timing Achieve 85% Reach and +2.6
74/2.6 reach/frequency in all other months.

Minimum effective Frequency of +2.4.

Pulsing strategy
June and August.

Helps conserves funds
during the months where paint sales are lower
Increase the frequency
during the two months with high sales. Reach and Frequency Media Mix- Internet Renting DIY shoppers
Current Walmart paint shoppers
female millennials ages 18-34 Target Audience - Objective (MediaMark Reporter, 2012). Current Consumers Consumers (Redbook, 2012). Competitors (NSAC, 2012). Industry Trends and Market Share The Glidden paint brand was founded back in 1875 by Francis Harrington in Cleveland, Ohio.
Glidden paint is AkzoNobel’s flagship in the paintings and coatings industry making up 7.5% of industry sales last year.
Glidden was subject to a 40% decline in market share from 2003 to 2008 (NSAC, 2012).
The industry sales as a whole rose up until 2007 and then dropped from 10.17 billion dollars to 7.99 billion dollars in 2010. Company & Industry Timing Allocated in both National and Spot markets.
The following cities will be targeted for their high indices:
San Francisco
New York
Los Angeles
Boston Media Budget Executive Summary (Adology, 2012/2013). Geography High reach, engagement, and selectivity in niche markets.
Female Millennials: Quintile I index = 120, Quintile II = 103 (Media Mark Reporter, 2011).
Baby Boomers: Quintile I = 120, Quintile II = 103
Utilizing magazines that attract women readers looking for inspiration for DIY or remodeling projects.
Marketing to all 3 segments- General Interest and Women's Media Mix- Magazines Merrill Edge Report , 2012 People making short-term sacrifices to better finances
70% took on home improvement projects that they would normally hire someone else for
This change increased DIY projects, especially among millennials
Millennials most likely to take on DIY projects (84%) Target Audience Rationale
Baby Boomers, ages 48-66
Home Owners
Millennials, ages 18-34
Lower Income
Have children
Millennials, ages 18-34
Lower Income
Renters Target Audience- Demographics Media Mix and SOV Analysis Promotion Internet
Out of Home
Magazines Media Sources Executive Summary Segments Millennials & Baby Boomers
Ages 18-34 and 46-64
Seeking simple and affordable remodeling projects
Segmented into 3 groups Target Market Executive Summary Internet will serve as the main form of media- 41% of the budget, with supporting media budgeted as follows: Media Budget Social Media
98% of millennials use social media each month
Baby Boomers- Greatest growth for social media usage: 3-in-4 using per month
Interactive promotions
Ads on Facebook and Twitter
Pinterest- showcasing Glidden paint

(Experian Simmons, Mobile Consumer Report, 2011) Web
Banner ads on Walmart’s website
Targeted site placement and keyword search optimization
Focus sales promotions through Walmart’s website to increase Glidden brand awareness. Mobile
227 million Americans own a cell phone (The 2011 Mobile Consumer Report, Experian Simmons).
Millennials- constantly connected to social media
Glidden paint app- advertised for free download through Facebook and Twitter’s mobile platforms
Glidden brand advertised on Walmart’s mobile app Female millennials, Internet—Quintiles 1 and 2 (139, 121). (MediaMark Reporter) Renting DIY shoppers (Millennials)
Current Walmart paint shoppers ( Millennials)
DIYers shopping Walmart’s Home Section (Baby Boomers) Pulsing Strategy: June and August when category sales are highest Using Quick Response codes to lead consumers to a different website for Glidden to reveal a 5 dollar off coupon.
Sponsor a 5k event to raise money for a Urban Park Development project. Glidden has an extensive range of consumers between the ages of 18-34 and 46-64.
Possible Consumers Generation Y/ Millennials and Baby Boomers Three Segments Renting Do-It-Yourself Shoppers Current Walmart Paint Shoppers Do-It-Yourself Shoppers shopping Walmart Home, but not paint Renting DIY Shoppers and Current Walmart Paint Shoppers DIY Shoppers shopping Wal-Mart Home, but not paint Adology Report- Chain Store Shoppers:
25% of people ages 40-49 remodeled kitchen in past 12 months
8% plan on remodeling/new addition in the next 12 months (86) Areas with strong paint/stain sales could potentially increase Glidden paint sales. Strategy Strategy Media Mix Strategy QUESTIONS?
COMMENTS? Paint Better, Live Brighter Magazine 27%
Radio 15%
Cable TV 11%
Out-of-Home 6% The graphs below show how budget and different media will be used each month to accommodate the pulsing: DIY shoppers shopping Walmart Home but not paint, only routine maintenance and décor—baby boomers, ages 48-66
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